Friday, June 26, 2009

The Rotten Neighborhood blog party!..Once upon a time....

As you most of you know, CNJ and I are the oh so very proud parents of twin daughters, Viv and Lil. Along with our teen aged daughter, they are all the absolute joy in our lives.

What I would like to do tonight is somewhat different that we have done in the past. Though there will be the normal comments of course, I would like to write a story for our kids and yours, and have you all contribute.

I will start with the first paragraph and you all can add to the story with your own paragraphs. We will see where it goes over the weekend. In a way it will be like the game telephone only we are allowed to make up the ending. Next weekend I will put it all together and post the finished story along with next Friday nights post.

Now here is the kicker, should some how, by some miracle it gets published, it will be under the name as written by All the Rotten Apples. Should it actually be sold, all proceeds will go to children's charities that will be nominated and voted on by all of you.

Since this is a horse training blog, we will write about something we know best......Chickens!

Actually it will be a horse story.

So here it goes.

The Bay mare grazed quietly in the pasture. She was heavy with foal and was staying in one place occasionally grunting as her foal kicked. It would soon be time and her foal would be here.
Though she was surrounded by a band of mares she stood alone, the rest of the mares keeping a watchful eye on her.........


windingwinds said...

..including her young owner, a contesting rider. The sire of the foal was a all around champion. From barrels to calf roping. He was a Palomino, with 4 socks and a bald face.

Padraigin_WA said...

The mare resumed her grazing, taking in a mouthful of sweet grass and she tried to nip at a fly on her left flank. Unable to reach it, she then lifted her hind hoof and removed it with a light scrape of her toe. Her shoes had been removed recently, and she felt the soft earth under her as she walked towards one of her pasture mates, a gentle eight year old gray gelding. As friends do, they sniffed one another in greeting, the bay mare sighed, and they soon settled into mutual grooming. The mare closed her eyes and she nearly dozed, only to be awakened by her unborn foal as he stretched his legs within her. The young rider smiled as she watched her mare, and in her heart hoped for a healthy foal.

Padraigin_WA said...

-oops, make that mare's gray buddy a mare, not a gelding, JR-

kestrel said...

The bay mare's owner smiled as her mare looked up and gave a welcoming whicker, and left her horse friends to come visit.
The mare knew her young owner well, and her favorite person knew just what the mare's favorite treats were. A sliced sweet apple and fingers that knew just exactly where to scratch the itchy spots. They were friends who respected each other and knew each other's ways.
"Hiya Firefly," murmured the young girl in a voice that is reserved for conversation between children and horses...

Dena said...

Firefly knew she was a lucky horse indeed to have an owner as caring and committed to her wellbeing as Katie.
Firefly had already experienced what can happen when an owner loses interest.

JohnieRotten said...

I am lovin this so far guys. Let's keep it goin!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Katie had spotted Firefly from a distance at a local competition. Her owner, a large abrasive woman with a gruff voice had tied her to the trailer after a particularly hard run. Katie had seen them a few times before and often noticed this womans disregard for horses in her care.

Katie rode by for a closer look and noticed the mare was still breathing hard from having just completed a run. "She should be walking." Katie told the woman. With a scowl the woman spun around and said "Then you do it." tossing the mares reins her direction.

Dena said...

Katie caught the mares reins and gently encouraged her to lead off.
Katie was stunned that the woman did not seem to care who had her horse.
After a half hour or so it became clear that she really didn't.
As long as, she did not have to be bothered.
She had not loosened the cinch, or even taken the bridle off.
Let alone, bothered to bring a bucket for water. As Katie found out when she asked.

rosesr4evr said...

The mare's owner was off in the clubhouse talking to her society friends and Katie could hear the laughter float down to where she stood with Firefly as she slurped noisily at the cool, clean water that Katie had lugged over. When the mare finished drinking, she rested her fine head on Katie's shoulder and Katie laughed softly as the water dripped off the mare's lips, running down her sweat dampened skin like cool relief. The mare let out a soft sigh and wuffled Katie's hair. "Knock that off silly mare or I'll have to rebraid this mess before my next class" Katie said, laughing as she did. Katie wondered what she should do with the mare.

Who Said That? said...

It wasn't long before the mares owner reappeard, startling Katie. She was so entranced with the small star on the horses forehead only slightly visible under her knotted forelock. Katie had been untangling it with her fingers when the woman abruptly said, "Dont bother with that. It doesn't make her run any faster."

Katies face grew hot as her fist clenched in anger. Her hands gripped the mares reins. Her mind raced as she thought of so many things she wanted to say to the woman. Before she could stop herself she blurted out, "You don't deserve a horse like this."

Trainer X said...

Katie quickly clasped her hands to her mouth as she couldn't believe she'd just said that out loud. The owner couldn't either, she turned to the mare and ripped off all of Firefly's tack, bridle included and said. "Here then! Take her, she's as useless to me as you are!!!"

So there Katie stood with Firefly, thankfully one of the other competitors had seen what just transpired and quickly lent Katie a lead rope and halter. Firefly gently dropped her head into the halter and waited patiently for what was to come.

CharlesCityCat said...

She stood there holding the lead rope, totally stunned by what had just occurred. Then a slow smile spread across her face. This lovely, sweet mare was hers. She had only dreamed of having a horse of this caliber.

She made her way back to her parent's trailer, Firefly in tow. Now, she just had to convince her parents how wonderful this twist of fate was.

CharlesCityCat said...

As Katie approached the trailer, she saw her dad. He was busy offering water to his gelding and her mom's mare.

Her dad looked from Katie to Firefly and then back to Katie. Katie swallowed hard and said "Dad, you will never guess what just happened in a million years."

MommaSheesh said...

After hearing what happened, Katie's dad told her "Go get your mom and tell her about this, then we can decided together what we are going to do" Katie walked off to find her mother, smiling hugely because her dad hadn't said she couldn't keep the mare.

JohnieRotten said...

Katie's father looked at his daughter and then at Firefly and smiled.

He knew where this was going.

"No, I don't think I could ever guess!" he said."But I have a feeling it is a good thing we brought the 4 horse trailer"

CharlesCityCat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CharlesCityCat said...

Let me try that again, proof reading is my friend.

Katie quickly found her mother at the concession stand where she was trying to pick from the variety of nasty horse show food.

Katie grabbed her by the hand and pulled her all of the way back to the trailer. All that she would say to her mother was "you aren't going to believe this."

Karen V said...

Katie's mom stood with her hands on her hips, looking from the mare, to Katie, to Katie's dad, then back again as she listened to the story. She looked to her husband, who grinned sheepishly and shrugged ever so slightly.

Katie's mom sighed and said, "Well need to get her papers. Let's go find this 'lovely' woman."

Katie and her mom started off in the direction of the woman's trailer. Katie had replaced the borrowed halter with one of her parents', and intended to return it to its owner after she had the mare's papers.

CharlesCityCat said...

On the way over, Katie spotted the girl who had witnessed the whole thing. The girl came over and introduced herself, "Hi, my name is Brittney."

She told Katie and her mother how horrible she always felt for "that woman's horses, the only thing she cares about is winning."

Brittney then volunteered to accompany them over to the trailer and stand as a witness.

blueheron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blueheron said...

Katie's mother told them she'd catch up in a minute, and headed back to the truck to grab her purse. When Brittany and Katie arrived at the parking spot, the woman and her trailer were nowhere to be seen. The only evidence she'd ever been there was a crumpled up wad of paper covered in the dust from what must have been a speedy exit, judging by the deep tire tracks in the dirt.

"Oh, bother," Katie said. "I don't care if she's registered or not. She's mine, and that's that." Tugging at Firefly's lead, Katie turned back towards her parents, even more secure in her knowledge that this horse was now hers. What were her parents going to do? Leave the mare standing in the empty parking lot at the end of the day? Lost in her thoughts, Katie didn't realize she'd left Brittany behind, until...

"Wait!" Brittany called. Katie stopped. When Brittany caught up, she breathlessly said, "Check...this...out!" and handed Katie the now un-crumpled sheet of paper.

CharlesCityCat said...

Katie read the paper and realized it was the registration papers for Firefly.

She and Brittney proceeded to do the Happy Dance with some high fives and whoops added in.

Meanwhile, Firefly stood gazing at Katie with a soft eye and then she made a gentle wuffle of happiness.

Her new life was just beginning.

SFTS said...

No time to think about adding anything to this...but it is turning out wonderful thus far, and if it DOES get published, I'd buy a copy!! :) Great work!!

CharlesCityCat said...

Firefly loaded on the trailer with Orion, Katie's dad's black QH gelding, Mardi Gras, her mother's grey mare and Pumpkin, her own wonderful little mare.

She presented no problems, it was like she knew she was going home. The ride home was uneventful and when she stepped off of the trailer, Firefly knew this was it. The mental and physical abuse she had suffered at the hands of her previous owner seemed far away, even though it had only been a few hours.

blueheron said...

Fortunately, Firefly had not been privy to the conversation, aka "war," going on in the truck's cab, during the drive home. Katie's parents were not thrilled with the addition of a new horse, but they admired their daughter's gumption and desire to do right by this mare.

"Honey, what exactly did you say to the woman?" her mom asked, once they'd merged onto the freeway towards home.
"Um, I told her that she didn't deserve the horse." Katie sank into the back seat of the king-cab, hoping her parents would focus on each other instead of her.
"Katie! You really need to think before you speak," her dad admonished. Then he turned to his wife. "Do you think there could be any legal issues with this?"
Katie's mom, keeping her eyes on the road, replied, "My guess is the woman was pretty ticked about being called out by a kid. She won't be making any more waves that might bring attention to herself."
"Okay. Well, I wonder if we should try to contact the owner, see what we need to do?" Katie's dad replied, watching the rearview mirror as they turned into their driveway.
Katie piped up, "So, does that mean I can keep her?"

Padraigin_WA said...

Firefly backed out of the trailer without incident, and it was clear that she was used to hopping down without a ramp. She immediately raised her head and her nostrils filled with scents new and exciting.
She let out a loud whinny as if to say, "I'm home", and then lowered her head to Katie to nudge her pocket. Katie smiled in relief when she found a wrapped peppermint that she had intended to give to Pumpkin, but was secretly glad that she'd forgotton. The kind-hearted sorrel Pumpkin would have understood. Firefly crunched the treat and nuzzled Katie for more. The family's cattle dog ran to greet them, suddenly stopping in front of Firefly. There was a hestitant stance, and then he carefully walked over to sniff her heels. Satisfied, he wagged his tail and stretched his body downward and yawned. Katie burst out laughing.

Dena said...

Well everything went along quite well for a time.
Just as Firefly and Katie went together like peas and carrots.

And then the new folks moved into the neighboring ranch.
Bringing a lot of big money and high powered reining horses with them.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Katie rode Firefly all over the property that summer often with Pumpkin in tow. The threesome would disappear into the woods and surrounding pasture lands for hours on end, Katie often taking luch along in the saddlebags. Their favorite place to stop was under the old sycamore tree down by the stream at the bottom of the hill.

The two mares got along great, even though Firefly towered over Pumpkin. Katie had guessed her height came from the Thoroughbred in her breeding. She was an appendix Quarter Horse as Katie had discovered by her papers the woman had left behind on the ground in the parking lot that fateful day. It seemed so long ago as Katie stared at the mares side and thought about the foal she carried.

kestrel said...

Katie decided to ride her new treasure, Firefly, the next morning. She had seen the mare's papers. Firefly was born to run and had the conformation to prove it.
Katie saddled Firefly, decided to try a sweet iron snaffle bit, and climbed on with no idea of what to expect. Firefly shuffled slowly around the arena with her head low. When Katie asked for a canter Firefly delicately loped at the speed of a sleepy snail. Katie growled at Firefly "What are you doing?!" Katie wanted to impress the new reining people sooo badly, but Firefly was a joke! She had no speed!
Firefly was crushed. She wanted to impress Katie. She thought to herself as she ground her teeth "you idiot child, I have ribbons for doing this. How dare you not love me!"

blueheron said...

Just then, Katie's dad showed up. "Hey, hon, how's Firefly?"
Katie closed her seat and stopped riding. Firefly "stopped on a dime and gave change."
"Dad! Did you see that?" Katie squealed.
"I sure did. Looks like she has some training. My guess is her old owner was riding her too hard. This mare's sensitive. Less is more." He turned back up to the house, chuckling under his breath. This mare was going to teach his daughter how to ride.

"Okay, Firefly, let's try that again." Katie thought "walk" and stretched tall in the saddle.

fernvalley01 said...

Nothing to add , but you guys rock!!

Union Square said...

It was an unfortunate design flaw in an otherwise perfect farm that put Katie's arena directly next to the neighboring ranch's arena. And so the day that Katie took out Firefly for an idle jog around was the same day that Maxie arrived home from boarding school, complete with the latest "former World Champion" schoolmaster that her parents had delightedly paid Maxie's riding coach six figures for.

CharlesCityCat said...

From CCC:

I don't know much about this area of horses and showing so if I say something stupid, please let me know. On the other hand, I can easily turn this into Katie and Firefly decide to change disciplines to hunters, after all, Firefly is an appendix, my favorite type of hunter.

To continue on:

Katie decided to trust Firefly and her skill level. She knew it was there and she knew she had to ride it in order to get it.

As Katie watched Maxie and her newly paid for already made gelding Simba do their thing, she mounted Firefly and began to practice.

Union Square said...

>>Yes yes multi-discipline<<

Maxie was a connoisseur of tack. She had rhinestone studded browbands, gilded saddles, argyle ribbon pads, sheepskin wither relievers, brass-studded nosebands, and jeweled spurs. Today, on the first day home, she whipped out all the bling for the inaguaral ride. She had already spotted that dowdy little bay with the kid in jeans next door. It was important to make good first impressions, after all. She fingered her latest purchase, a sparkly, leather-feathered racing whip. She hadn't the slightest idea what to do with it. But it would look fabulous.

kestrel said...

Maxie decided to make a maximum impression on the dowdy neighbors, and as she mounted Simba she gleefully decided to do a fast thunder run down the rail between the two arenas.
Her bright new whip tapped Simba in a particularly sensitive spot as she put her foot in the stirrup. Maxie was distracted by the picture she had in her mind and wasn't paying enough attention. Simba flinched, jumped up in the air and promptly ran away with Maxie clinging for dear life, half on and half off her horse.

cattypex said...

"Here, now!" called a gravelly voice.

Katie looked toward the end of the neighboring arena, where Maxie (who was actually holding on quite well) and Simba were heading at mach speed. A wiry old man with a cigarette somehow adhering to his drooping lower lip stepped forward - he'd been weeding the daylillies planted around the outside of the ring.

Simba sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid to a surprised stop, and Maxie fell to the ground with an unceremonius thud. Her new whip had caught on something and broken in two.

The old fellow quietly caught up a snorting Simba while Maxie, cheeks burning, brushed shredded tire s from her pants. As he calmly led the horse to his young owner, Katie overheard him snort, spit and deliver a few pithy remarks to her fashionable neighbor.

kestrel said...

Maxie looked over at Katie with an embarrassed grin. "Hi, I'm Maxie" she said, leading Simba over to the fence. Firefly stood quietly as Katie introduced herself. Katie couldn't help but smile at Maxie's humbler attitude and sense of fun.
Maxie took another look at Firefly and said "that looks like a horse I've seen before!"

Anonymous said...

"Really? Are you sure? There are a lot of plain bay mares on the circuit," Katie was skeptical, but hopeful.

"I'm almost positive I've seen her before," Maxie replied, "I recognize the white spot on her left haunch, the one that looks like a little firefly bug." Katie was truly surprised at this, no one else had noticed the small collection of Birdcatcher spots. Maybe she did know her!

"Do you remember where you saw her before? Any information you have would be great," she smiled.

cattypex said...

"Was her owner a stuck-up b- I mean, witchy woman?"

Coming from you, that's pretty - ah - rich, thought Katie. "Well, she wasn't exactly NICE," she replied, pulling a face.

Maxie giggled, and stopped, blushing, when the old man walked by with a handful of weeds. The girls watched him stalk toward the manure pile.

"Who is he?" whispered Katie.

"Some cowboy type guy. Dad just hired him because he knows horses and speaks English. Cleaning stalls, grooming, feeding, maintenance... that kind of thing."

"Huh. Well, anyway, I call her Firefly. She's registered Appendix, very fast from what I can tell... Hey, where'd you get that headstall? It's.... sparkly. And I think that our horses could use a drink!"

Maxie looked back at her sweaty gelding. "OK, I get the point.... I was just really excited to get him, and ride him, you know? But I think your mare might be almost as good, if she's the one I'm thinking of..."

"What do you mean, ALMOST?"

Just then, the two horses touched noses, squealed and farted. The girls dissolved into giggles while the old cowboy, unnoticed, squinted intently at Firefly.

PrairieFarmer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dena said...

Really good save girls. I was starting to get a little worried.
Unexpected and beautiful twist.

The "Old Man" as some referred to him, had forgotten more about horses than, a lot of so called experts ever knew.
The work he had hired on to do was his own choice. Not caused by any type of hard luck story.
He knew that people have short memories and most often see what they want to see.
And this served him very well in what he had chosen to do with his golden years.

PrairieFarmer said...

The girls led their horses off for a drink, giggling. They disappeared behind the barn and the cowboy tilted his hat back and chewed intently on a sweet stem of alfalfa.
That little bay mare, seemed awful familiar. Looked just like the filly out of his old favorite mare, Lady. A thoroughbred mare he had picked up for a song at the local track and turned out to be one of his best roping mares. She was smart, competitive with huge burst of speed and well-known by the local rodeo crowd for her habit of biting him in the boot if he happened to miss the calf.
A wry smile lit his face.
He had bred her to his old red quarterhorse stallion. He had called his stud simply "King," out of Wimpy, one of the famous King Ranch studs. The old guy had pretty bad arthritis toward the end, but he was a well-behaved fellow, and on the warm summer afternoons when he would nicker at the gate and toss his head in anticipation, the cowboy would saddle him up and take a leisurely ride to the local diner for a cup of coffee. King seemed to enjoy the outing and the cowboy, well he always enjoyed showing him off.
It did him good to see the mare. The last time he had seen her had been at the auction, along with the other 30 head of horses he bred, raised and trained himself and lost to the gavel in one painful afternoon. A few years of depressed meat prices combined with the death of his ranch partner brother, and the bank came calling. He lost them all, his horses, his land and his pride.

Dena said...

Oh Oh... Crossed story lines.
Sorry PF.
You was posting I was typing.

I wanted him to be a trainer of people.
And a lot of times the only way you can do that is to not let them know they are being taught.

But I like your's too.

PrairieFarmer said...

(Hey Dena - we posted at the same time and it looks like you and I have slightly different tangents...Oh well, we'll let somebody else decide which way to go next! And what fun! Everybody is such good writers!!!!).

PrairieFarmer said...

Dena - Hee-hee...We did it again!

Dena said...

PF I was thinking the same thing myself.
That was

blueheron said...

That night, Katie remembered, was the first night she dreamt about Firefly. In her dream, the mare was prancing into an arena, and then she burst brilliantly through the start gate, and turned a blistering time in on the barrels.

In the morning, dream still tucked safely in her pocket, Katie walked out to the barn to feed. As she turned into the hay room, she nearly ran into the old man from next door.

"Excuse me," he said.

"What are you doing here? Are the horses okay?"

Cut-N-Jump said...

PF & Dena, I was cracking up reading your posts and thinking- weren't we supposed to only add a paragraph each? LOL! But then wasn't I the first offender?

So does he give lessons too?

Now I lost my place. Gotta go back and reread...

JohnieRotten said...

Oh Brother! LOL

you guys are doing great! Thank You!

PrairieFarmer said...

The old man had a restless night as well. They years after he lost the ranch had been tough and he spent more time than he cared to remember - and thankfully he didn't remember much - getting tossed out of bars and thrown into jail. The worst part was thinking of his horses and how he let them down. Especially the young ones like the little mare the girl was calling "Firefly." She would have had her whole life ahead of her when he sent her to auction and he had figured she would have made him a fine working cow horse, not to mention a hell of a competitor just like her dam.
He had gone out to the barn early that morning just to see to make sure the mare was real. He stood in the rising morning light and saw again the familiar muscled lines of his old stud, and the deep girth and kind eye of her dam. It kinda felt like finding a lost-long child, seeing one of the last of his line of horses.
Katie had startled him from his reverie with her abrupt appearance.
"They're up," he grumbled, as Katie rushed by him into the barn. He never was much for chit-chat.

Dena said...

PF I am thinking it is a very good thing that this is a fiction story.
I can't remember was it your grandfather who was related to royalty?(Whoa and blue balls???)
It is a very tough thing to talk an old cowboy into making a mare into anything other than a mommy.
I am enjoying this immensely.
And thinking we just upped the age limit with the bars and jail adds.
PF? You frighten me. *seriously laughing out loud*

CNJ? Yes, you were the first offender.
See PF? She is learning already.
What fun!!!

Dena said...

Sorry CNJ I thought you meant first period.
Actually Paddy stole your thunder on this one.
And now we a group of repeat offenders.
I knew there was a reason I fit in so well here.ROL

PrairieFarmer said...

Dena -
Yep, that was my grandfather - whoa and the blue balls (hmm...could I work that in somehow???)! And yeah, I was thinking of some old stories with my writing although my granddaddy wasn't a drunk (but his brother surely was!) but he did have a mare named Lady that bit his boot when he missed the calf and he did have a stud from the King Ranch. And we did lose a lot of the farm, and his horses (except one), although it was after my granddad had died already, thank goodness. (Best writers base their fiction on experience, right?)...
And I'm thinking age group would be that horse-crazy 14 year old so a little real-life stuff is okay for that age, IMHO. Something to compete with the silly vampire romance novel series...(although I personally could seriously get obsessed with True Blood).
And now, back to the story (I'm not going to add any more for a while, want to see where other people take my thoughts...).

cattypex said...

The old man [I originally based him on a flaky old racehorse trainer I knew years ago, all skin & bones & cigarettes] took one last glance around the barn. Nice place, he thought. Not fancy like his workplace next door, but everything was orderly and the horses had the unmistakable bloom of good health and grooming. He turned to leave... and ran into Katie's father.

"Do I know you?" he asked, calmly, with a very firm edge, but a little quizzically, as if he did indeed recognize the dried up cowboy.

LizBeth said...

Sam looked at The Old Man, and realized he did recognize him from that auction years ago. He had himself sold a horse that same day and watched from a distance with a great deal of sympathy as the Old Man sold horse after horse to the crowd.

After chatting about the weather for a few minutes, Sam asked, "Well, I could be needing a bit of help around here, keeping things maintained and the horses fed and such. You be interested?" as he thought the Old Man looked more than capable. The Old Man replied simply "Sure. When do I start, and whats the pay?"

They agreed on $400 a week, and shook hands. The Old Man was outwardly non-emotional, but inwardly he was happy to be around his Lady's daughter again. He thought that the mare had found a fellow kindred soul in Sam's daughter, but Katie didn't really have any idea what she had in that mare. He'd have to show her what the mare was bred to do without offending her dad or her.

He thought then of the foal in Firefly's belly. He thought he knew a bit of the stud, the palomino located some miles up the road. He'd seen the stud in some of the rodeos, and while not exactly impressed with the horse, knew the horse was decent enough. He'd have to make sure he was with the mare when she foaled.

As he was walking down the barn out to the pasture, he happened to look up at Firefly, who was standing at the fence watching him as if she knew he was thinking about her. He gently rubbed her between her eyes, and really started to look at her then. He noticed the subtle signs that her time was closer than he'd realized. Much closer. Well, she's ready to foal tonight, he realized with the same familiar joy and anticipation that was always mixed with a healthy dose of worry. No matter how many mares' he'd watched have their foals, there was always that chance of something going wrong.

As he stood there musing and rubbing the mare's forehead, the sun was dropping down below the horizon, casting shades of gold, red, orange, and a multitude of colors never named over the ranch.

Night was coming quickly with the promises of what was to come.

jmarieappaloosa said...

Keep it going guys!!! Excellent story so far!!!

LizBeth said...

***Woops. I missed that when the old dude walked into the barn it was dayBREAK not SUNSET like I put in. whomever posts next is welcome to change that ... I was thinking that the mare could have some sort of issue with the delivery and the old dude would be instrumental in saving firefly and the baby .... but thats just my two cents there.***

LizBeth said...

and also ... crossing a bay with a palo would result in the following possible colors for the foal...

Offspring Color Probability

29.17% -
29.17% -
16.67% -
16.67% -
4.17% -
Smoky Black
4.17% -

sorry ... im a bit bored lol.

Cut-N-Jump said...

CP- The old man [I originally based him on a flaky old racehorse trainer I knew years ago, all skin & bones & cigarettes]

Would his name happen to have been Ray? Funny, how many guys out there fit this description... Maybe not to the letter, but for the most part.


As the Old Man wandered off towards the neighboring ranch he called home, the sun shone warm upon his face. He had just secured himself a steady supplement to his income for his honest work. Things were starting to look up in his world again.

As he neared the fence and property line, his old dog ran up to greet him. He smiled broadly as he said to his dog, "Well, maybe now things will finally start to come back around."

firecoach said...

As he stood there musing and rubbing the mare's forehead, Katie walked up and softly said, "Isn't she beautiful?" The Old man looked down at Katie with tears in his eyes and told her how lucky Firefly was to have her. Katie told The Old Man how Firefly came into her life and how Katie was the lucky one.
They stood there in thoughtful silence watching her graze and swishing at flys.

firecoach said...

I guess I should have been a little faster before CNJ posted. Sorry, it got a little busy here at work.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Firecoach- I think part of the fun about this is that we are all out of order.

I just hope we aren't held in contempt! LOL!

CharlesCityCat said...

Sam's mind wandered back to when Firefly was born. Lady had an uneventful pregnancy but her delivery was anything but uneventful, it became a very touch and go situation. There had been a very real possiblility that both Lady and her foal wouln't make it.

CharlesCityCat said...


wouldn't make it.

I have very limited knowledge in this area so someone needs to carry on.

LizBeth said...

(Me In: Sam is the dad. don't think we have a name for the old dude other than 'The Old Man'.)

Lady had started her labor out normally, and progressed very quickly. As her contractions got closer and closer together, she started to push the foal out of her body... but something was very wrong. The foals legs were bent backwards at the knees, and no matter how hard she pushed, she would never be able to get the baby out on her own.

CharlesCityCat said...

Oops, forgot that the Dad is Sam. How about the Old Man be Emmett?

cattypex said...

That's funny, because the Old Man I was picturing was named Elmer in real life. ; )

Cut-N-Jump said...

And I was thinking TOM- The Old Man...

Cut-N-Jump said...

So Sam is the Dad.

Is he the Sam Elliot type?

CharlesCityCat said...


Yes, Sam is the dad and he is a dead-ringer for Sam Elliott.

I like Tom, berry, berry clever of you!

toadstoolbob said...

I am enjoying this thread and I will be adding at some point as soon as I can come up with an idea.

By the way JR you have mail and my back surgery went just fine, thanks for asking!

cattypex said...

Except Sam should be a lot YOUNGER than Sam Elliott.

We already have one skinny old cowboy - I think that Sam should be more regular-guy like.

CharlesCityCat said...

Okay Catty, Sam Elliott when he was mid-50's. You see our hero Sam was very busy training excellent horses that he married rather late and he and his wife didn't have Katie until he was about 40. Sounds just a bit familiar to me, hint, hint.

Is that okay?

cattypex said...


So when does Katie get twin sisters?

OK. I'll take the "Yellow Rose" era Sam Elliott. I believe he was in Wrangler ads at about the same time??

(And IMDB tells us that he played Evel Knievel in 1974...)

So is someone knowledgable about difficult horse births gonna explain how Emmett somehow arrives in the middle of the night to save the situation? And how Katie and Maxie help?

Is this gonna be too much like Summer Pony?

cattypex said...

(Tom is too much like Sam - similarly-named characters really confuse me)

LizBeth said...

Ok, nuff talking more writing!


The Old Man had been forced to manually move both forelegs into the correct position for the filly to be born, a very tricky and difficult maneuver. He had almost lost both the mare and the foal, but his quick actions had allowed the foal to be put into the correct birthing position. It wasn't very soon after that Lady had a brand new filly laying by her side. He had named the little filly Duchess, but the little girl's name of Firefly fit the bay mare as well.