Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Not All Sunshine and Lollipops!

First of All............. Happy Birthday CNJ!

When I first decided to get out of the show ring and take on problem horses only, I did not realize what I was getting myself into. On my business card, I put not only the normal performance horse training information, but I added a phrase that will continue to haunt me. Right underneath my specialty information, I put........"Problem Horses not a Problem"

The range of problems that I encountered were extreme, but the problems that bothered me the most were the problems that became so bad because the owner did not understand that something had to be done. And just changing the type of bit to a more severe bit would not fix the problem.

My favorite was a rope horse that had one day decided that enough was enough and he flipped over, breaking the tie down and putting a horn imprint in the riders chest. They tried a different saddle and changing the bit, to keep the horses head down and the horse just kept flipping over. By the time I got him in the barn, as soon as you put your foot in the stirrup, the horse ran backwards and flipped over. He was just programmed that way.

We were able to fix the problem, though we had to use more extreme methods to do so. No, the horse was not hurt, and the only other alternative was putting the horse down. But we did have to let him flip over and then we had to pin him on the ground for a while. We did take the precautions to prevent injury to the horse and it did take a few times, but he finally quit flipping over!

The owner still rides him, but does not rope on him anymore.

The fix is not always pretty, we sometimes have to use extreme methods for extreme cases. It is not that we like to use these methods or that we always do.

I always tell owners, do not wait, if you are having a problem, and you are unable to manage it. Help is but a phone call away.

I just ask, that, before someone gets hurt, be it yourself, your children, or a trainer, make sure you get help. Tell the trainer everything, and be honest, remember, we have a very physical job and if we get hurt, we can not work to support our families.


It is like CNJ always says, we tell people that we train horses and they immediately think all we do all day is ride. Boy are they wrong!

So why did I post this?

Because , the first call right out the gate this morning, was someone that has a horse that is flipping over and has been doing so for a while!


sandycreek said...

A flipping horse is my worst night mare. When I was 16 the "horse trader" down the rode asked me to ride a mare he bought at the sale. Sure I would, I'd ride anything. She flipped with me on her in a ditch, she couldn't get up off of me because we were in the ditch. She fractured my pelvis.
Now I am older and wiser? Maybe I am maybe I'm not, but I am not as stupid as I was back then!

Dena said...

Happy Birthday Linda! You made it another year.
After giving birth twice.
Okay, I am impressed. I really am.
They are beautiful babies. I hadn't seen the avatar until you told me about maybe changing mine.
Why do the boxes show but I have to click on the individual ones to see the picture?

JR? Lived to haunt? Ummm...yeah.
We have all done it.
Problem horses are problem horses until someone fixes it.
Flipped a couple in my time. Or should I say, picked my spot and when they went over sat on their heads and smoked a pack of Kools while we had a chat.
Been flipped on too. That just plain sucks.
I really am not a fan of rearers.
Kind of like laying in front of a Mack truck and saying go ahead and pull forward now.
At least, that would take some of the guess work out of the wondering when.

CharlesCityCat said...

Happy Birthday CNJ, any special plans?

I have never been flipped on, thank God. Whinnie went up a few times when I first got her and she wasn't getting her way. Wonked her really hard between the ears, I think that was the last time she did that.

Too many people wait until the problem has gotten so bad, that it does take extreme measures to fix it. Stupid people.

kestrel said...

Happy BD to you...sang very off key but cheerfully!
I'm seeing lots worse problem horses because of the 'do it yourself anybody can train' pyramid-scheme cult training vidios. Um, isn't the definition of insanity 'doing the same thing that didn't work the first time over and over?' Aaaand, then they bring their horse to you to fix, but want you to follow the training method that produced the damn train wreck!
Careful with those flippers, it doesn't matter how many times you get away with retraining them. The one time you don't is gonna hurt.
Fixing that bad of a messed up horse is such a tough job, and fixing whatever the person is doing to cause extreme behavior is even harder!

Dena said...

Kestrel you know the old adage of the truest definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result?
I have an opportunity to use that one at least once a week.
On myself.:)

Must go ponder while bedding stalls.
I switched back to oat straw for awhile.
It is soooo pretty.
And no one is stalled right now so it can stay that way for a bit.LOL

Cut-N-Jump said...

It has been quite the year...

Flippers- I haven't had to fix any, but I did deal with a 'basket case' at one BNF back in the day.

Cute filly, that came in to be started under saddle. She went off her feed for about a week and dropped weight heinously. She wouldn't eat a thing. Hay, grain, pellets, sugar cubes, carrots- nothing.

When she finally settled in and put weight back on, she blossomed and was a cute rose grey and looked like she would be an English pleasure mount.

But she would 'check out'. Eyes rolled back- blank stare and the mind was gone. She would flip out and sometimes over. You never knew what would set her off, when it was coming or how long it would last.

One of the other grooms- Stacy, had her in the aisle crossties one day, reached up to brush her forelock as she had done all along... The filly went APE! SHIT! She launched herself up and forward, slipping on the concrete as she went. When she hit the 'end' of the chains her feet went forward as her body came down and thankfully everything- halter, chains and walls- held. She swung down and back scraping some hide off her rear end as she went. The entire time- she was kicking to beat hell. How Stacy never got nailed, is beyond me, but she managed to escape this time.

So it was then deemed I got to handle the little psycho-bitch. Yippee!

So things are progressing nicely, she is coming into condition and time to start long lining work. Her little episodes had subsided so everything was good. She had worn a surcingle and saddle pad as well as a bridle without incident. Things were looking up in her world and I was proud of her. Hooray!

The main barn with a covered arena had a 'stage' at one end. There was a short stucco wall topped with bricks and railing. We would be working at that end of the arena.

I walked the filly down to the arena, put on her bridle, put on the driving lines and went to work. She had been in the lines a few times prior and did well enough, so this day was starting out fine. She went around to the left, walking and trotting. I asked for a halt, she stopped and stood. I asked her to walk forward- she did. I asked for a reverse turning to the right, she started to bend her neck, took one step to the right off the circle and BAM! the switch was flipped...

With her chin to her chest, the lines now drooping, she threw herself into backing so hard and fast she went over backwards---> right up against the wall. I couldn't watch as she went over as I figured she was about to break her neck.

She went over, hitting the wall and destroyed the bridle. She scrambled against the stucco and bricks as if she were cast, tore off some hair and small amounts of skin, but she was otherwise fine. Allrighty then! With pieces of bridle in hand, we headed back to the other barn.

The trainer was watching everything and overseeing her work. At least he recognized that I had nothing to do with what had happened and it left him puzzled and shaken a bit too.

He contracted her first month under saddle out to another young gal, who got her going just fine and the episodes subsided to a degree. I never seen her go over under saddle, but when I was instructed to ride her down to the arena and work her one day- I refused. I would not get on her back. Not for any amount of money in the world. And I was young, dumb and invincible then.

About 5 years later I was ringside at one of the "A" shows and happened to see a cute grey mare cruising around the ring, ribbons streaming from her browband as she made her victory lap. As horse and rider passed our spot on the rail, the announcer called out her name stating Scandalous had just won her class...

I damn near dropped my drink!

cattypex said...

Happy Birthday CNJ!!!!!!

Didja get a gray pony?

cattypex said...

whoa... that is SOME story!

Sometimes you just can't pinpoint a "why."

It's rare, I know, but sometimes... a horse just has a screw loose.

Getting a wild pony when I was a kid (she bucked a lot, scraped me off all the time, finally broke my arm) turned out well because I finally hooked up with a good solid trainer after the 4H leader did an intervention ;-)

Cut-N-Jump said...

CCC- Since I am here at work, I figure I'll go get Dariy Queen for lunch. Fries dipped in a Blizzard is a wicked treat!

The fact it grosses out my boss is an added bonus! Maybe next year they'll consider this and let me stay home...

Cut-N-Jump said...

No pony of any color yet...

I am awaiting word from Cliffrose as to when a newly gelded pony might be making his way down off the mountain.

He's black and very scarily closely resembles the pony Katphoti just got in. Hers also has one rear sock...

cattypex said...


Strawberry Cheesecake BLizzard


(This is why I don't look good in breeches...)

I needs me a pony for my kid in a few years. No, really, it's for HER.

kestrel said...

CNJ, great story! I worked a Morgan mare that would do the same thing, just go blind and nuts. Her owner just wouldn't give up, and as a last resort we did a lot of ground driving. Mare blows up, I have long drive reins, I run around her and truss her up like a christmas turkey and tip her over onto one foot, while shrieking that I will kill her and eat her! Yes, I did bruise the hell out of her mouth. Scared her so bad she quit. She's actually being ridden by her owner and owners kids, and has been for the last 10 years.
Another one that would 'check out' turned out to have the equivalent of horse epilepsy though. Yikes, the things we live through...!

horspoor said...

Happy Birthday Cut.

I've gotten, a busted collar bone from a horse that flipped over, and some broken ribs from another. The horses that are willing to throw themselves on the ground are scary. I like a self preserving horse. Those that are willing to injure themselves kind of freak me out anymore. You know it's just gone way to far somewhere along the line. Somebody thinking they were training the horse. sheesh.

kestrel said...

Hi Dena! Yup, know that one all too well...been there done that...donetthat...donethat...;)

CharlesCityCat said...


Well that is a treat I have never heard of. I love french fries though. Give me a big thing of really hot fries and some hot sauce and I am good to go.

I think everyone ought to get their B-Day off with pay.

kestrel said...

I vote for the day off with overtime!

Dena said...

Stop it you bad girls! I have to drive by a Dairy Queen on the way and they have chili and cheese fries don't they?
With a strawberry and banana shake.
Why does this have to happen when I actually have money in my pocket?
Peer pressure who knew it could be so subtle.
And appealing.

Hi Kestrel!

CCC in dressage it is not rearing. It is an unasked for and unplanned for levade.

Dena said...

Hey CNJ looks like that hubby of your's built a new clubhouse for us girls to all get together in.
Was that part of his plan?

CharlesCityCat said...

Oops, when I conked her between the ears, I ruined her future career. And I thought she was just being naughty!

JohnieRotten said...


JohnieRotten said...

I personally like fries and Wendys frosties

JohnieRotten said...

I show up and everyone disappears

JohnieRotten said...

What is that?

All I here are crickets in here!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Since it's Thursday I vote for today and tomorrow off, with overtime for both. For all of us.

Yeah, like that's going to happen. Not any time soon that I can tell. *sigh*

Dena- the Blizzard is cold so the frozen calories don't count. At least that is what I am sticking to as my story. Besides, it's a once in a while thing. And it shows, in the fact that the schooling breeches I bought a while back, no longer fit. :(

And the DQ fries just rock. Something about the salt, the ice cream and then the chunks of chocolate put it over the top.

My boss doesn't share that view...

CharlesCityCat said...


Still here, just have to look like I am working sometimes.

I used to get Wendy's fries and a frosty. Wendy's has really good fries. Okay, now I am starving.

CharlesCityCat said...

CNJ did you know:

If you don't eat the whole order of fries, there are no calories.

If you don't eat a whole cookie or doughnut, there are no calories

If you don't clean your plate, there are no calories

JohnieRotten said...


It is CNJ's birthday. So it is a national holiday.
So why are you at work?

kestrel said...

Mean, just mean...I am never going to look good in my old britches because all I have to do is think about fries... I might as well smear them on my butt as soon as I buy 'em because that's where they're headed anyway.

CharlesCityCat said...


I didn't get the freakin memo!

JohnieRotten said...


I told your boss to make sure everyone got a copy!

Dena said...

Our local Wendy's closed. Which considering, it was about 1 mile from home(at the time) and had a $1 menu that included fries and frostys, I have mixed feelings about this.

CCC yes you did.ROL

CNJ frozen calories don't count?
So, I leave out the hot stuff and I'm good?
Chocolate ohh chocolate. Been behaving and you had to bring up chocolate.

Ahhh, I might as well go ahead and spill it.
I have been so impressed with all of our changes that I went ahead and edited my blog list.
For ease of travel in viewing.

I am telling myself that Mr. Rottens Neighborhood just may prove the advanced(in age and horses)version of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
I do not care what anyone says, you just can't fake horse knowledge and experience.
You still can't ride my yellow horse JR.
But, I am thinking that is only because he is in MN and you are in AZ.

Cut-N-Jump said...

JR may not like this, but here goes.

Dena- he has a yellow horse of his own to ride. Her filly is also a yellow horse, as is our daughters pony and the mini gelding.

We never set out to look for a 'yellow' horse and even his Chica Marie was an add on at the last minute. Her filly was supposed to go back to another breeder at weaning.

Before those two came to us, I had found a horse for sale in Texas. Around 6-8 yrs old, resonably well bred and built like a tank. I liked her. I forwarded the email and pics to JR and the first words out of his mouth were- "She's a palomino."

Like it was a dealbreaker or something?

The pony's I hadn't gone in search of a 'yellow' pony, she was just that color and a damn good pony. Still is!

His yellow mare and filly were an add on, tossed in at the last minute of a deal on another horse. Yellow mare was supposed to be mine, but being a hot headed, hair trigger, powder keg that she is- I just don't care for that any more.

She also has the most awful lope ever! It looks as miserable to sit, as it is to try to sit. But she is hell on a cow and sweet as can be. He loves that yellow mare. Good thing too.

They go together like peas an carrots.

CharlesCityCat said...


Just read your last comment. Funny thing is, Forrest Gump is on right now, LOL!


That makes it even worse, I am the boss!!

JohnieRotten said...


I think you need to take disciplinary action against yourself

CharlesCityCat said...


How about a 2 week suspension with pay while I investigate the incompetence that I have displayed?

JohnieRotten said...


And hopefully you will learn your lesson!

JohnieRotten said...

Now that I am back on the computer and no longer blogging on the iphone!

Kestrel said:
Careful with those flippers, it doesn't matter how many times you get away with retraining them. The one time you don't is gonna hurt.
Fixing that bad of a messed up horse is such a tough job, and fixing whatever the person is doing to cause extreme behavior is even harder!

I totally agree with you!

Once a horse starts to rear with you, they will always do it. It is very important to remember that.
When horses panic they always go back to what they know how to do the best to get out of that situation.

CharlesCityCat said...

During my 2 week vacation, oops I mean suspension, I will study long and hard on my failure to observe the National Holiday that has been set aside for CNJ's Birthday and vow to never let it happen again.

JohnieRotten said...


That is the what we like to hear.

When your Birthday, oops, I mean National Holiday comes around. We will take the day off in your honor as well!

CharlesCityCat said...

You are so gracious JR, but my next National Holiday is referred to as the 9th anniversary of my 40th National Holiday. I haven't celebrated a regular National Holiday since the 5th anniversary of my 30th National Holiday.

joanna said...

JR- Thank you so much for the advise. I decided to switch him from the boucher bit to a D ring, and that may have been the majority of his issue. After he realized there wasn't any poll pressure, he gave to my hand and leg when I asked. He actually dropped his head and looked for the bit! Phew. He was so awesome to ride today I can't wait until tomorrow a.m. to get on again.

*note to self- NEVER NEVER put anything but a plain saddle and bridle on this horse. Ever. No nothing. A poster child for the KISS method.*

joanna said...

Happy Birthday CNJ! Live it up, get the fries and shake. Enjoy it for me, I'm on a diet. Bleh.

fernvalley01 said...

Flipping horses is aa sccary issue ,and one I frankly cannot deal with on my own ,I would holler for help on the first attempt. Rearing on the lead I have dealt with by knocking them down ,but never from the saddle , you are a brave guy! I know I am not qick or agile enough to stay safe.

Some of the trainwrecks you guys must see!
Happy birthday CNJ

JohnieRotten said...


Glad to hear that you had a great ride. The more the mare learns to flex laterally the better the rides get!


Rearing horse scare me too!

Of that there is no question. But because it scares me, that is all the more reason for me to not let it happen in the first place.But when it does, you just have to deal with it.

horspoor said...

Speaking of flipping horses. I guess some of the folks at the barn in town were trying to load a little Morgan mare. She kept refusing...flipped over twice. The second time she broke her withers. But then they got her in the trailer.

This happened yesterday. UGH

JohnieRotten said...

Ooops. I meant your horse. Not mare, Joanna. I'm not sure where that came from.

Cut-N-Jump said...

UP- the incredible bastard gelding would try going up and over the trailer doors. If that didn't work he would throw himself on the ground.

No way to pick up a horse to put them in the trailer.

Dena said...

CNJ I didn't say he could have him. I just re-evaluated my former pissy remark that he couldn't ride him.

Yellow horses...hmmmm...Never personally owned one before this guy.
Rode two yellow gamers that were not half bad and smooth.
The rest? Tank, tractor with the rubber missing on one wheel on pavement, however you want to phrase it I couldn't agree with you more.

I hate to discriminate based on colour. But I sometimes do with horses.
I always considered palominos kind of dime store cowboy stuff. And Barbiesque.
Go figure I get one as a 40 something anything but Barbie kind of girl.
As he did come out of the DTS pen I forgive myself.

He is a lot of horse to ride and so light and smooth you generally can't even feel a warning before something happens.
He is a handful.

Did I mention, that I can be mistaken for a snob when it comes to the ponies from time to time?
Years of good horseflesh have made me picky. And opinionated.
Being old makes me not want to waste time with that which won't succeed.
Translating that to rescue has been a real trip.

Which is why, I now and forevermore will do what I can for the sad and sorry. But I cannot and will not commit to carrying it forever. Or, promoting it as equal to something better.
They need to be viable for me. And capable of having a job.

The yellow horse is mine until someone more capable for him comes along.
Eli and Nesta are my apology to used and abused neglected equines everywhere.
With the exception of, Micah's Molly, Fat Cat O'Lena, and Eamon's Cat, everything here is waiting for their people to find them.

And then, I am going to focus on my boys for awhile.
I may even overcome my allergy to politics and campaign them myself.

I made it past Dairy Queen. We had a lovely alfresco outdoor picnic instead.
Broasted chicken, good coleslaw, portuguese bread, and potato salad.
And a cake to celebrate the last day of school.
A friend treated us to a lovely dinner at her place.

It was a good day wasn't it CNJ?
For everyone I hope.

JediMom said...

CNJ - Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed your fries and frosty! There was a local hangout when I was in highschool and their fries with soft serve oh man. They sold out and it wa never the same.

JR - I had a witch of an appy mare as a teen. My first horse (oh goodie). She hated all man and woman! Cow kicked, was cinchy, oh and must have been beat with a crop. She let me ride her, as long as I didn't put saddle bags on her and we did well. Trail rides next to busy roads, loud noises, dogs, rr tracks - no prob. I almost fell off one day when we were trying to get another horse out of the area my mom and I rode on, she was right on the direction. I learned to hang on and let her do it. She liked my dad and let him ride her also. Then I went to horse camp for the summer. I made my parents swear not to get on her or put anyone on her. When I got back, we went out the next day and mom and I saddled up, swung on, and bammo - she reared. Even using a rolled up newspaper between the ears never really stopped it and I lost some of my zest for riding. About 2 years later my brother's friend and young son came out to see our family's brand new ranch. Now my brother was in his late 30's and got a horse because mom and I did, and was the "Hollywood" type of rider. The friend's son, 5, said, can I ride that wild horse my dad rode? Apparently they all thought I was an emotional teenager and didn't know my horse. My brother mounted his friend up for a ride and was going to put the baby on, but the friend constantly pulled on my mare's mouth while kicking her to stop her dancing and volia a rear. I was so pissed off and vindicated also. It ruined my mare and to this day, I'm in my 30's now, I don't let my brother live it down! We did keep her and she bonded with my husband but he never rode her just groomed and talked with her. I eventually had to put her down from a severe colic (she was a chronic coliceer), the day before my son was born 7 1/2 years ago. I do miss that witchy old mare though.

CharlesCityCat said...

Just have to say something about yellow horses. Spunky is a yellow horse and I could go on FOREVER about his virtues and talents. Just sayin!!

JohnieRotten said...

CharlesCityCat said...
Just have to say something about yellow horses. Spunky is a yellow horse and I could go on FOREVER about his virtues and talents. Just sayin!!


I used to tell eveyone that I would never have a Palomino, so now I have two. I love those to mares!

joanna said...

Hmmm- had a palomino as a kid. Nasty horse, would buck me off at least twice every ride. When he couldn't get me off with a buck, he started the shoulder drop. No one could stay on those. He left me with a bad taste for palominos.

CharlesCityCat said...

Palomino is really only a color. Spunky, who is currently being reviewed for Equine Sainthood, is 3/4 QH and 1/4 TB.

JR, glad you have your two Pallys that you love.

It kinda kills me when people discriminate based on what is only a color and not a true breed. Well, actually, I don't like breed discrimination either, but that is just me.

JohnieRotten said...

I really tey not to discriminate based n the color of the horse.

Hell, when I was as kid I had a Buckskin mare that was the bitch from hell. She was a cutter and I learned to cut on her. Her registered name was Sugar'n'Spice. we jut called her Cinder.

I showed her in western pleasure, she buscked me off. I showed her as in trail classes, she bucked me off. I showed her in reining, she bucked me off when I asked for the lead change.

I put her on a cow, and man o man that mare could cut. She was unreal!

So I know that it is not just hte color.

Now that I am older, I wish I had the bitch back. Of course, she wold be about 90 years old, and would still try to buck me off, but I would love to cut onher again!

Cut-N-Jump said...


I used to tell eveyone that I would never have a Palomino, so now I have two. I love those to mares!

And I despised all horses that were any shade of --->red. TB's? Not my 'thing'. Mares? I'd rather not.

So what do I end up with? A big red TB mare, who is awesome. Talk about irony!

And the horse in the avitar is the incredible bastard gelding at a friends place, when he was about 10 yrs. old. He is a PB Arab. Poorly scanned pic, I know, and I will try to do better.

CharlesCityCat said...

I always said I wouldn't have a mare or a male dog. Now I have a mare and 2 male dogs. I guess that just goes to show you should never say never.

JohnieRotten said...

I like showing mares because of their attitude.

Stallions tend to just be idiots at shows.

CharlesCityCat said...

I had a couple of friends with mares who were the kind that get real bitchy when they cycle so that is what I based my decision on. Whinnie isn't like that at all. You would never know with her.

Stallions aren't allowed at the shows that I did, probably with good reason.

JohnieRotten said...

We have a saying that we use when we show stallions, specially the young ones.

That is......'If you bring a colt to a show on Moday, his brain will arrive on Thursday'

Cut-N-Jump said...

Dena- as with a rescue, the horses we take in need to have a job and be productive at something. I know my friends who are involved in rescue- up over their eyeballs- aren't exactly thrilled with me for that, but it helps the horse find a new home much easier when the time comes.

I would rather not pass up any horse, but the financial reality world we all share, doesn't allow for that. It sucks having to take a hard line and 'pass' on any of them, when you know you may be the only hope that horse has. But the gut feeling sometimes helps to override the heart strings and makes walking away, reality.

A few years ago, when several 'free' horses seemed to suddenly all make their way to our place, (why does it happen that way?) a friend of mine who does rescue work heard of a free Arab mare whose owner had died, the wife didn't want the horse... we all know how the rest of the story goes.

The boarders at the barn had chipped in and paid the last two months board for her, but time was running out and so were donations, even though they were in the upscale, expensive part of town. Knowing we had Arabs, my friend kept pushing for me to consider taking Ssarah. We had just taken in 2 more, bringing us to 17 of our own at the time and I knew we were already stretching it thin.

To top it off, I had a bad feeling about the horse and I just couldn't pin it down. There was never any mention of any health issues or behavior issues, but I just had a bad feeling about her. WTH??? I couldn't even go look at her, the feeling was so strong.

My friend ended up taking the mare.

When Ssarah was delivered, she found out the mare had advanced Cushings disease as well as being severely foundered and was on high doses of bute for her constant pain. She could hardly walk and I imagine the trailer ride across town was pure hell for her.

Sharon flew in a special farrier from New Mexico, had the vet out several times and after about a two month heart wrenching roller coaster ride on the emtional trainwreck tracks, she had to put the horse down.

I had recently lost my own Arab mare at that point and I could relate, but I was slightly glad that we weren't about to be burying another horse out back.

I just wish relief had come sooner for Ssarah, but it isn't ever easy putting a horse down. Even when you only have them a short time.

CharlesCityCat said...


Love that saying.


Sad about that poor mare. It is a shame she was allowed to get to that point to begin with

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to turn horses away when you do rescue. But everyone has their limitations and needs to remember them so they don't put themselves or the animals in jeopardy.

fernvalley01 said...

Funny ,I have never really thought Pally's were special , hubby got one last year ,and I have to admit she is gorgeous! First horse he has ridden since his car accident 3 years ago ,sweet mare .

Cut-N-Jump said...

CCC- Yep! And when it is also a training business, you have to limit your personal horses so you have plenty of room for clients...

It's a constant balancing act. Many times our personal horses are used as lesson horses for those who don't have their own or they ride at a different ability than their horses training level matches.

I got an e-premium yesterday for an Arab club sponsored 'A' rated sport horse show in Tucson the middle of July... Thinking to take the stally, but probably not going to happen.

I haven't ridden him much and he's still a bit resistant to the idea of work and sweat. LOL! Besides having not ridden him away from home- ever... or in English tack- ever... or having even tried on my show clothes since the kids...

That could be fun. At least for everyone watching!

CharlesCityCat said...

Whinnie has big time issues with sweating. She gets so pissy about the whole thing. Made for some not so fun shows in the summer. Guess we shouldn't breed her to your Stally, my lord, the offspring would have to live in the Artic Circle to be happy.

I don't know, sounds like you've got that show in the bag. Just a few minor issues to worry about. Teeheehee!

JohnieRotten said...

CharlesCityCat said...
Whinnie has big time issues with sweating. She gets so pissy about the whole thing. Made for some not so fun shows in the summer. Guess we shouldn't breed her to your Stally, my lord, the offspring would have to live in the Artic Circle to be happy.

I would rather they sweat and be pissy, the end up with Anhydrosis!

CharlesCityCat said...

JR, no doubt about that. It is just so funny how it bothers her, and the look on her face is priceless.

JohnieRotten said...

I showed a mare for some people a few years ago, she hated sweating. Unfortunately, I was living and working in the Houston area at the time. As soon as it would get humid, this mare would let loose like a waterfall kicking at every drop that ran down her back legs. She finally ended up kicking herself in the hock.

We had to make sure she got plenty of salt and that was the only way we could somewhat control the sweating.

CharlesCityCat said...

Whinnie doesn't like the dripping part, I think maybe it tickles or something. She does not sweat as profusely as she makes out. I always added a little extra salt for her and then I put her on Ex-Stress, it really did make a difference in her attitude.

JohnieRotten said...

After this mare kicked herslf in the hock, she ended up having to have surgery to remove a bone chip. After that she was never really sound. I know they ended up using salt and I forget what else to manage the sweating.

They did breed her and her foal was the same way. He would sweat profusely as soon as the temp went into the 90's.

I guess Hyperhydrosis is a congenital condition as is Anhydrosis.

Dena said...

Thank you CNJ. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who feels that way and acts upon it.

If, we were all single and completely independent, we could spend every last dime saving the mistakes of others, if we chose to.

People need to understand that it is also a personal choice that involves the right to say, "No".
That doesn't make a person uncommitted to equine welfare or bad.
It means that the person has the right to choose.

JR I will probably be fried for this but I am going to say it anyhow.
I do not know anywhere near enough about this to speak knowledgably.
Hence, it is my opinion.

Colour and breeding lines have made some real idiots.
Under those guidelines I think colour can bring an added dimension.
That is not always desirable.

Buckskin QHs? Usually not interested. Even though, I personally think they can be beautiful. Drool over the right smutty buckskin even.

Palomino QHs? It is different horse to horse. So, I may look.
Have bought one.

All colours can have their share of crap and issues. Removing breeding lines from the equation poor and improper training is the leading cause of problem horses.

I refer to paints as broken colour broken mind.
I realize not all.

The generalizations and stereotypes I don't hold with.
This is just my opinion.

JohnieRotten said...

Colour and breeding lines have made some real idiots.
Under those guidelines I think colour can bring an added dimension.
That is not always desirable.


You are absolutely correct on that!

SFTS said...

Happy belated BD CnJ!

On topic...I have finally decided, after 30 years of training horses, that there are just some things I do NOT want to deal with anymore. Riding "bad horses" is one of them. A lot of the "bad" stuff isn't all that bad. Crowhopping, spooking, laziness, even bucking as long as they're not trying to be the next World Champion Rodeo horse. But I'm so done with chronic rearing, blind bolting and those rodeo showcases. I'm just too old and frail for that stuff. :-/

Fortunately, I have "go-to-guys" for the naughty ones. I take them back after the bullshit is straightened out. It's also why I finally put that clause into my training contracts about returning rank and unruly horses at the customer's expense with no refunds if I deem the horse to be so bad I can't (or don't want to) deal with it. Luckily, I haven't yet had to invoke that clause. But I figure it's just a matter of time, and my number's GOTTA come up sooner or later. ;)

Lyzz said...

happy belated birthday, CNJ!

My horse rears only when you get in his mouth too much- so rarely. Thankfully he's a bucker, because I can sit those no problem (I've ridden a lot of buckers in my life...old trainer always put me on trouble horses she was training but didn't tell me she wouldn't even ride them til AFTER I got off...thankfully I never had any problems!). It's the rearing I'm not so comfortable with, though I've never had trouble staying on when needed. He doesn't rear very high so no flipping.

I have almost always ridden horses that were red, or at least partially red. My gelding is chestnut and he's my dream horse! I've always wanted a chestnut, the only color I've never liked was bay (there are so damn many of them at my barn. Out of the 21 horses here, 13 of them are bay). I like pallys but I think one of the reason I like red horses so much is cause I'm a red head myself. :)

Cut-N-Jump said...

UP- the incredible bastard gelding would try going up and over the trailer doors. If that didn't work he would throw himself on the ground.

No way to pick up a horse to put them in the trailer.

LOL. My best friend has a story from one of her equestrian team meets. One of the girls' horses wouldn't put more than two front feet into the trailer at the end of the day, and the captain and her daughter physically picked up the horse's hind legs and shoved him in. I can see some people doing that.