Friday, July 17, 2009

What???? Pictures of me on the net? You don't say.

With all of the shit that is circulating on FHOTD.

Tonight is an all you can muster rant night. Whatever that rant may be.

So tonight it is your night to share anything that may be out there on the net that may embarass you.

So have a few drinks and spill the beans!

You tell us yours, we'll tell you ours. If you acknowledge and admit to it, it's tough for anyone to bring it up as ammo.


CharlesCityCat said...

Damn, first!!!!!!!!

I am so not fun, there is nothing on the internet about me.

JohnieRotten said...


If that is the case....can we make something up?

CharlesCityCat said...

Alright, I am surprised that the ex-wife of my husband hasn't managed to get me on the WWW. She damned sure tried back in the late 1990's. There were some court cases. I did prevail, but I would happily use this woman as target practice. What kind of a person tries to ruin an 11 year old girl's life by accusing her of molestation?

SFTS said...

LOL...when I saw this a half hour ago, I decided I'd wait to post and NOT be first, so someone could go before me. Then you had to have nothing to add! Hmph! :P

Hell, everything anyone wanted to know about me has either been posted on this blog in the comments, on FHOTD in the comments, on the Gloves blog in the comments, on a couple of Dena's blogs (and those comments) as well as on the FSH forum.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned someone once pointed out that there is supposed to be a "famous porn star" who has the same name as me? Heh, I found out SHE just uses my name as a stage name. Who would have thunk it!!

CharlesCityCat said...


Yes you can, as long as I am skinny and cute and ride really well. Maybe I can be having an affair with a top bull-rider.

SFTS said...

CCC, that's sick. How on Earth could someone do something like that?? Ugh.

I'm sorry and I hope you don't have to deal with her again.

fernvalley01 said...

Sorry all, I am pretty boring too, no naked jelly bean pics out there anywhere. Worst I have is on my blog , hubby and I shitfaced in Mexico.

JohnieRotten said...

Oh hell.

Screw the internet, what is your most emabarassing moment?

Actually, I am running out of ideas!

There the truth is out there, I feel better now!

As far as training ideas, I have plenty of those, thanks to all of the emails!

JohnieRotten said...


You are a porn star! WOW

CCC was a super model and still is!
(Hows that CCC?)

Dena said...

Most embarrassing things on the internet?
Are you kidding?
Until, a day ago I would have thought I was a ringer for first place.
So if you all don't mind I will just hug the trophy until fugs shows up.

SFTS would you make a blog already!?!
Seriously WTF!?!
People would read it.
And we will be needing a replacement for fugly ho of the day.
I would read it.
Please note "read."lol

Oh and I believe Nevada also outlawed horse tripping.

Catherine said...

I had to come here for a little sanity. I've had two glasses of wine. The only thing on the internet about me is a decision I made that was overturned by a higher court. There is no picture of me alongside that decision that might show how tall, thin and attractive I am. The decision also does not indicate how brilliant I am when I have not had two glasses of wine.

I think at this point we should all just make up porn star names for ourselves.

Catherine said...

And apparently while I posted, the sanity ended...

My porn name will be Raven.

SFTS said...

JR ~ I know, huh? :P

And you're running out of ideas?? For what, the Friday night parties? Oh man, there is a never ending supply of fodder for these. Maybe ask people to email you ideas for that, too?

Dena, actually I did set one up. Last night. I figured maybe eventually I will post something on it. LOL

Off topic, but I'm excited...My daughter comes home from her Summer vacation with Grandma on Monday. I can SOOO not wait!

fernvalley01 said...

How about riding at a reining Clinic many years ago, my darling mare sidestepped and neatly dropped me in a large pile of shit , then walked to the far end of the arena and lined up with the rest of the riders?

SFTS said...

Catherine, I just can't do any better than my own name! LOL!!

However, a friend of mine once had a formula for choosing your "porn name". There was one for your "stripper name", too. Freaking hilarious! Let me see if I can find it.

JohnieRotten said...

For me one of the worst was when Westworld first opened.

I was showing at the first summer circuit show there and I had been drinking a lot that day and it was hot.(Okay, so I drank some when I was younger).

Anyway, I was showing in a western pleasure class and I had to stop on the rail and lose my lunch. Learned my lesson that day!

JohnieRotten said...

I think my porn name will be Sweaty Biscuts!

JohnieRotten said...

CNJ will be Strawberry Roan~

SFTS said...

Okay, it was (*drum roll please*):

Your first name will be the name of your first dog, and your last name will be the name of the street you lived on when you were a child.

So, for me that would be Sparky Rowland. Ha!

JohnieRotten said...

If that is the case SFTS, mine would be Waggie Chico~

fernvalley01 said...

Oh that doesn't work for me ,
"Joey Highway 28?"

PrairieFarmer said...

Well mine would be Maxwell Ebey...Hmm. I don't think that sounds to porn-like.
But I really, really like Waggie Chico! Now that gets the imagination rolling...
Most embarrassing moment? Horse related or just in general? I can't think of a lot of horse related ones off the top of my head, but I do have a lot of just general ones!

JohnieRotten said...


Go for general! Does not have to be horse related.

pedfjords said...

Jake 95th Street.

Dumb name.

JR, I wanted to point out to you that even though you were FIRST today, please note that mine was within the very same minute.

Personally me thinks we should share the title.

*** will someone please educate me on the " diminish " button ??? Is that like " Ignore " 'cause there really should be an IGNORE button on every blog. ( Im 'puter stupid, so go slow )

pedfjords said...

Prairie Farmer,

I got your e-mail today, thanks ! Will write back soon, can you see pictures ?

Im gonna try and trade fjords for garlic.

JohnieRotten said...


I will share the title, but to be honest, fugly is getting a little to nuts for me. I am a trainer and I have virgin ears that can not handle all of that!

I think I need to focus on the hood for a little while.

pedfjords said...

Nuts ?

There is an understatement. Im sure that one thing might backfire though about people trying to cause trouble on a blog....

People are ambulance chasers. Admit it or not....everyone loves to laugh at Jerry Springer. The more raunch it is, the more audience it will bring. Might not be the brainiacs, but like flys on s**t, they will come in for drama.

Too hot here this week to do much training. My rider took 2 out today just for a waltz around the block but it it just yuk when it hits 100*

PrairieFarmer said...

Okay then...we you guys asked for it.
Let's see...
I have the ability to have a lot of "blonde" moments which may not be so apparent via my internet postings, but in person I can be a real ditz sometimes! So here are a few:
Working as a newspaper reporter, walked into the jail to check the "in" sheet for the weekly arrests/incidents. Noted in a very loud voice, in front of a 1/2 dozen sheriff's deputies, "Hey, it smell's like BACON in here..." (In my defense, they WERE making BLT's in the jail lunchroom that day...).
In 8th grade. On a trip with the track team to a track meet (I threw the shotput, it was the only thing I could kinda do...). Went during a break with this cute guy Aaron I had a crush on to go to the local store. We decided to climb the chainlink fence around the school. I went first. Up, over the top, then decided to nonchalantly just drop down. Only the bottom of my baggy t-shirt (the style of the day), caught on top of the fence. I went down, shirt went up, I flashed cute boy Aaron (who was like 12" away on other side of fence and was horrified - not what he imagined his first look at boobies would be!), and an entire team of racers running along the track. I was mortified. Went home and told my mother and she laughed her ass off.
In college, as student reporter, I did article on relaxation therapy tanks. These weird, enclosed tanks with body temp, heavily salted water. Idea is you float in them at body temp, they close you in and play relaxing music interpersed by "DO NOT SMOKE" and whatnot... Anyways, the researchers told me I could get in as part of my story and I could get a photog to take a photo of me in it for the story. Okay, I imagined some blurry, vague body in steamy tank, completely anonymous. What was published on front page of my college newspaper? My fat white thighs, making big fat "v" to my crotch, followed by rumply tummy and two frightening looming large black and white mountains (my boobs) and then of course dimply neck, chin and looking right up my nostrils. So smart of me to wear black and white bikini. Really showed up great in b&w photo - fabulous clarity. My editor friend who published the photo even apologized the night before, "I'm so sorry, but we didn't have ANY OTHER art for the front page." My a-hole boyfriend at the time taped it on his fridge just to horrify me. I still have newspaper friends to this day that remember that one.
So there ya go, have a good laugh at my expense!

JohnieRotten said...

We have been over 110 degrees here all week and when is like that, the last thing I wan to do is go outside and ride.

I have a lot of blog topics to work on where it is cool.

Fugly has just become way too much.

JohnieRotten said...


I love BLTs and will never be able to eat them without laughing my ass off!

PrairieFarmer said...

Pfjords - Oh my! I have A LOT of garlic! I was just getting ready to post on my blog about it, actually. Some photos too I think. I lost count of actual numbers of bulbs, but generally speaking, we harvested 18 rows, each with about 800 to 1000 heads of garlic in them. So, somewhere around 15,000 to 18,000 heads of garlic...or close to about a ton of garlic. Can I get a Fjord for that? Or, perhaps the more appropriate question, do Fjord's eat garlic?
Oh and yes, I can get photos!

JohnieRotten said...

I was wondering today.....

What ever happened to having fun?

Why does no one want to have fun anymore, I know I do!

Dena said...

SFTS Shannon Territorial I got a cool one.
psssst...didn't the judge person get the memo that here I am a golden child that can do no wrong and also do whatever I want?
You know that is the problem with some of those guys and gals in black dresses who go to school so that some day they can demand respect be shown to them or else.
They never read the fine print and they abuse their discretion by calling it discernment.
And they seem to forget that they are mandated reporters.*sigh*

I have other things to do so have a good night everyone.
And JR? Give her a hug from me.

pedfjords said...


Less about the blog being nuts.

More about the nuts being nuts.

Being a Licensed Psych. Nurse 17 years now....

I am not operating within my scope of practice to make diagnosis, but.

I CAN make and document clinical observations.

NUTS I tell you.

Borderline with a touch of real psycotic features. Put in a dash
( ok maybe more ) of grandious ideas and an UNmedicated regime.
( nothing on board there, trust me on that one, at least nothing effective that I smell )

Almost boring these Borderlines.

Too predictable for me. A few cocktails of pharmacy would HELP of course, but theres no real fixing them. Its a personality disorder. YAWN. Not like your basic crazy person running down the halls naked screaming that they see tigars.

Now, THAT I can fix !

Nighters JR and all ! guys do not party like its 1999 as I thought. Here in UTAH we are pretty dry, I kind of was hoping for some spirits. The liquid kind.

JohnieRotten said...


we need to have a blowout. I agree we don't party like we should.

Seems we all just go to bed to early. Maybe this blog needs to bd more like the fugly blog. But I do not want to go there. Unless some one is fighting there seems to be little interest!

JediMom said...

HeeHee. These are funny.
Ok I would be Siggy Crest. :-(
Most embarrasing moment was in high school, always a fodder of embarassing moments. I went to see my friends in the school drama. One of the girl's brother came. He was Jay Underwood from "The Boy Who Could Fly". A movie I adored way back but couldn't tell you much about it now. I was in adolescent love with Jay Underwood as was a best friend. We went to the cookie reception afterwards and my friend and I went up to get Jay's autograph. When he said what is your name I said "uhhh. uhhh. uhhh." and turned and ran. LOL. I didn't live that down for the rest of high school.

SFTS said...

Well, pooh. I was hoping that would be fun!

Yes, JR, I love to have fun, too. But for me, the most fun you can have is on the back of a horse!!

Dena, you TOTALLY lost me........

SFTS said...

JohnieRotten wrote:
Unless some one is fighting there seems to be little interest!
- - - - - - - -

You know, I pretty much stopped commenting here on the training blogs, because it became clear that no one was interested in what I have to say, plus I was told I should not be giving training advice on someone else's blog and then I was generally challenged on whatever I said, to the point where I gave up.

Too much drama and too much conflict for me.

PrairieFarmer said...

I WANNA HAVE FUN! Doesn't it seem like too many folks take life (and themselves!) way too seriously these days???? What's the point, if it isn't a whole heck of a lot of fun! And no, I don't care who is laughing at me as long as I'm laughing along with them!
But now that I said that I'm going to bed. Tired.
Oh, and SFTS, this is JR's blog so I'll concede to whatever he says, but I never remember the idea of not having you comment on training stuff cuz it wasn't your blog. I just remember some comments about how your responses were expressed as they were sometimes interpreted in perhaps the wrong manner. Anyways, that's what I recall. And I've noticed you've been doing a real good job about that lately.
Good night all...

charlienchico said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
charlienchico said...

OK, even thinking of the realm of porn star is too much for me, but you gotta admit Queenie Orange Blossom has a bit of a ring to it.

Sorry JR- it's been triple digits here, too. Our horses' runs open into the arena so I turned them out today with a light sprinkler running because it was just too dang hot. Only one of them truly appreciates the shower- the others think it's something out to get them (but I figure having it going still cools the ground down a bit). I've tried and tried to get them to figure out it's a good thing and so far no interest.

charlienchico said...

Nite all! Happy Insanturday. Sorry just felt like that was a good summary.

SFTS said...

PrairieFarmer wrote:
Oh, and SFTS, this is JR's blog so I'll concede to whatever he says, but I never remember the idea of not having you comment on training stuff cuz it wasn't your blog.
- - - - - - - -

Thanks. :) Mainly it was buried in comments as well as sent to me privately. But you know what? Nothing whatsoever has changed about the way I post, from my arrival on FHOTD back in January. It is only the perceptions of some who decided not to like me, for whatever reason. Just saying. ;)

Back on topic, embarrassing about a full on hand gallop in a Native Costume class when the mare I was riding threw a shoe. Bad enough that it went flying through the air toward center ring, but really bad that it pinged one of the judges square on the shoulder. Oooops! I could have crawled out of that arena in shame. LOL

JohnieRotten said...


no one here is ignoring your comments. It is an open training forum. I prefer it stay that way.

You wil have mail later.

SFTS said...

I didn't ever think anyone was ignoring my comments. ;) I was just referring to the few who told me I should not be commenting on your blog and offering my two cents/opinion, because it was rude for a trainer to give advice on another trainer's blog. It's cool. That's why I decided to work on formulating my own blog. :)

CharlesCityCat said...


You know how some people are. I think JR welcomes everyone's input and that is what matters.

Just to voice my opinion, I think when you started on FHOTD, you didn't C & P as much. It was more like what you are doing now.

Anywhoo, my porn name would be Sammy Blueberry. I vote for either Waggie Chico or Queenie Orange Blossum.

CharlesCityCat said...


Yes, Supermodel would be good, I would like to be the world's first old, 5'3" SM!


Yes, it was terrible when that hag that my husband was married to went after my daughter in order to get her way. However, CPS saw through her shit. I will dance at her funeral! I do not have to deal with her anymore, his daughter is 18 now and the bitch knows if she sets one toenail on this property, I will happily shoot it off.

Oh sorry, kind of went off on a bit of a tangent there. My Bad?

windingwinds said...

Bambi 1200 S. well doesn't really work for me. As to internet drama, hand out the Halidol, really's not real. We are always embarrassing ourselves, Monday we had not one, but TWO ponies rear during halter. lol

SFTS said...

Okay........I did it. I created a blog. Hopefully I won't say something to the effect of "I created a monster!" in the upcoming days, weeks, months. LOL!

Be kind and gentle. Please. ;)

Juli said...

Oh, I've had lots of humiliating moments.

When I got my first horse, our first ride at our new barn, and the little twit bucked me off in front of EVERYONE, then refused to be caught for 1/2 hour. We went on a three hour trail ride after that, then I went to the emergency room where I got told I'd torn all the cartiledge in my knee.

Or my first agility trial with my boxer, who decided the that tunnels were a great deal of fun, and just kept running tunnel to tunnel in our class. I couldn't stop him. The crowd laughing didn't help, he was a ham. The judge, who had tears in her eyes from laughing, finally caught him. I just wanted to crawl in one of those tunnels and die. I have since learned humility in the agility ring, and no longer get embaressed when my boxer does stupid stuff out there, because he's a boxer, and that is what they do. Anyone who owns one understands that.

At a horse show, taking off my horses bridle, something spooked him and he jumped and got loose. Promptly headed down the road towards home. He was an endurance horse, and very fit, so I was kind of worried he'd actually head home down the busy freeway. When the kind person in their truck came by, I grabbed his halter, a bucket of feed, and jumped on the tailgate of their truck. When I hopped off to get Alpine, my jeans snagged on the tailgate and tore from my back pocket down to my knees. Lovely. I rode the rest of the day with safety pins in my jeans. Luckily no one could see it when I was in the saddle....

I could go on, but I think that's enough for today....

CharlesCityCat said...

As far as embarassing moments:

Had the usual, toilet paper on the shoe, skirt in the back of the panty hose when coming out of the bathroom, zipper undone, broccoli in the teeth, bat in the cave.

I used to be so embarassed, but did learn to laugh about that kind of thing as I got older. I find if you laugh about it, people laugh with you, not at you.

SFTS said...

Btw JR, we are still waiting for you and CnJ to show us said so. :P

GoLightly said...

Oh, I feel humiliated just posting this;)
I post all my humiliating stuff.
Easier to remember.

I try to park my hubris, now.

Lada Douglas.

(porn star)
hmmm, sounds kinda kicky.
Bitzy Ditch out.

BuckdOff said...

I've got far as I know, nothing on the 'net about me.

horspoor said...

I don't think there is anything on the internet about me. I tend to embarrass myself just fine in real life. Open mouth, insert foot...not a problem for me at all.

When I was young, I was in the Sultana Bar in Williams. It is when the Billy Jean King jokes were making the rounds. So, I'm telling a woman aquaintance these jokes. She keeps looking at me totally non-plused, and saying things like, "yeah, I don't get it."

My friend, the bartender keeps looking at me and making motions for me to "SHUT UP". In my 19 year old sophistication, I wave him off and ignore him.

After awhile the woman gets up to go to the bathroom. Bill says, "You moron, Alice goes both ways." Thank goodness the woman knew me, and knew I was stupid not biased. lol

horspoor said...

Oh, yeah and when she 'didn't get the joke' I'd try and explain it to her. Brilliant, don't you think.

rosesr4evr said...

Porn name huh? I think according to some I already have one. Doesn't Brandi qualify for a porn or stripper name??

I do have good news though!! We bought a house!!! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a huge deck, a pool, a pond, and four lovely glorious acres!!!

Hey CNJ-the little rugrat will be a year old Aug 9th!! It flew right by. I'm almost a little sad. I bet you and JR's twins are growing up fast too. We'll be having a B-day party at the new house, so much fun!

littledog said...

Right on yeah, by those criteria I have the perfect porn star name, just the right mixture of trash + fake class---Call me Kitty Gainsborough!
SFTS, if you recall, the people who faulted you for giving training advice on whatever blog, were, how should I put it tactfully, "all of a piece." Have to congratulate you for doing a lot better than me lately, when it comes to that issue. Now going to check out your blog--thanks.

SolitaireMare said...

Okay, using the formula to create a porn star name from the comments, I'd like to introduce myself as Chi-Chi West Rogue.

As to whether there's anything out there on the WWW about me, I can't imagine anything I've done that would be that entertaining to toss on the net. I haven't seen myself as the anonymous subject of any LOLpix or viral forwards. Hell, my own blog bores me sometimes!

I guess I just don't have that speshul quality needed to be an internet sensation. But it's cool to be an internet ninja, lurking just outside the realm of discovery.

SFTS said...

Ooooh "internet ninja". Good one! I like it. Something I am definitely NOT. ;)

Okay, I had an embarrassing moment last night. Hubby (I am calling him Time Bandit, or TB, from now on, in loving dedication to his motorcycle, LOL) decided he wanted to order a pizza for dinner. Cool, sounds good. I head over to the local pizza house to pick it up ~ no delivery out here in the boonies ~ and all went just fine until I stepped off the sidewalk, holding the pizza in front of me, failing to notice the parking stop just beyond it. Whoops. Face plant in front of everyone! Red faced, I climbed into the truck not even bothering to peek at how badly I destroyed the pizza and got the heck outta there. Go ahead, laugh. :P Hubby sure did! At least the pizza still tasted the same...

Enchantedbroo said...

I have been lurking on FHOTD for a year now.....and have visited here a couple of times......I'll come to the next party! :D

Cut-N-Jump said...

Here's mine- porn name Punkin Aspen. Punkin was My first dog. Otherwise it's King Tut Aspen. That one soundes royal doesn't it?

Embarrassing stuff? Well there are/were the nekkid pics in Ohio, but I had a helluva bod then. Plus I was young and dumb so big deal.

Otherwise, there was the time I thought I would ride my gelding wearing my bikini top. Tube top style, sans the detachable string to keep it up. At least I was smart enough to wear a t-shirt over it. Good thing too, because after a few brief strides of anything faster than a walk and it was down around my waist! Nothing to restrain 'the girls' as we made our was around the arena and slowed to a walk. The ride that day was rather short.

EveryoneThinksThey'reGoodDrivers said...

Hi all - I'm Sally Otter...not as catchy for my pornstar name.

Most embarrassing moment...hmmm there are so many...

Getting on a horse in front of some cowboys and farting on the way up. There was no mistaking.

Waving at a boy I liked in highschool and tripping and falling immediately after he waved back.

Wearing dark colored sun dress that I thought didn't need a slip that DID need a slip.

Leaving my books on top of my car, driving away and going back to retrieve them out of traffic.

Breaking my bra whilst riding and having to call back to the ranch for someone to get me another.

Keeping a journal as a tween, a frenemy finding it and showing it to everyone.

I could go on and on...nothing on the net about me though. Well, except for now.

JohnieRotten said...

When I was 16 years old there was a girl that I really wanted to go out with. She to Jumping lessons at the facility next door to the place that I kept my buckskin mare.

I actually went over there and took a few lessons so I could meet her.

When I finally asked her out on a date we went to dinner and then went to a party and we were going to go to a movie later.

I was sitting on a fence next to her talking and just having a great time. Then came to time to go to the movie and I wanted to show off to this girl by jumping off of the 8 foot fecne we were sitting on. When I jumped off, my backpocket caught on a piece of metal that was sticking up and ripped my pants and clean off of me.

I was mortified and she was laughing her ass off.

She did go out with me again though!

HorseNoob said...

I guess I'd be Abby Carpenter. Not bad, really.

My friends and I used to like to go to the mall and flirt with boys. One time there was a cute boy gawking at us who walked into a pole. We laughed, incredibly flattered, but he was so embarrassed he got rude and called up "stupid bitches" and ran off. Oh well.

Another time (12 years or so ago) a ditsy friend and I were at the beach. We met these two guys who were model-hot. We went swimming with them. They had rather strong southern accents (NC), and being from CT my friend goes "You guys talk like Forrest Gump." She MEANT that they had strong accents to her, and not that they sounded mentally disabled. I wanted to drown.

Horsewise: My denim life-cycle goes: Good jeans, work jeans, barn jeans, painting/chore jeans. Being female, I like jeans with a little stretch to them, in the thinner fabric. They're more comfortable. They also aren't as durable. I'm shorter, and my horse isn't too short himself, so generally I use a mounting block/rail/table/whatev for a boost. I can mount from the ground, and as I did one -4 evening a loud rrrip and I split my pants down the left thigh where they had gotten too thin. I rode with my cold butt because I really wanted to ride! Thankfully it was evening and nobody else was there.

Anonymous said...

Coco Campbell is my stripper name. hee hee

Haven't read through all the comments yet but wanted to put in my most embarrassing moment..

Ex-hubbie's new girlfriend (who also happens to be psycho) moves in with him in our old house. Finds "pictures" of me that he had hidden well, but I did mention she was psycho. Calls me and tells me she found the pictures. Yes. She did. Offered to bring them to me even, wasn't that thoughtful (aka psycho) of her?

Of course, this was before anyone had ever thought of the internet, so I said politely (OMG I was completely mortified) that she should just discard them and hung up. SOOOOOO.... while I've not been splayed about the internet YET.. I'm not sure that it will never happen.

JR, I love your blog! Idecided to start my 3 yr old Georgian Grande myself, and I rode her for the first time this weekend! Although I started horses in my youth, it's been 15 years and a couple of bad horse wrecks since I've done it.. and it's great to read your posts to help remind and educate this older, wiser, but much more wary rider!

Haven't read the comments on FHOTD recently, I must have missed some humdingers!

sassysmom said...

Sassy Hilltop here lol
Picture it Halloween 2007 I'm dressed for a party in my Superwoman outfit complete with cape and boots. Red and blue ,Big S the whole nine yards. We have to stop to pick up something at Kmart. Superwoman spots an out of control shopping cart heading towards a car. She jumps out of the truck and rushes to stop it only to have someone casually reach out with one finger to stop it with a smug look on his face he says" I got this one Superwoman" The onlookers burst into laughter and a couple of the teens smoking out front start chanting Supergirl Supergirl . Umm yeah that was bad enough I look over and my then boyfriend is doubled over in tears laughing . Ah well since I have no pride I posed in my best chest out fists on hip Superwoman pose and said "Citizens have no fear Superwoman will keep your cars free from dings"
My so called friends at worked somehow got the surveillence video . Not telling you guys where it is though.

paperbackwriter said...

Tigger Keokuk, here.

I was doing a reading/signing at a bookstore in Portland and they kindly brought out a tall chair so I could sit while I read and still use their (tall) podium. So I hitched my rump on the chair and it skittered away leaving me flat on my back on the floor in front of a hundred + people I didn't know. I wasn't hurt so I laughed -- finished the reading and have been forever grateful that You-tube had not yet reached it's current popularity.

On horseback -- I was in a hunter/hack class riding a friend's horse (who was swayback -- though you couldn't see it under saddle). The sway made the saddle settle back as you rode so her cinch loosened a bit. The horse in front of us dodged suddenly toward the center ring and the mare I was riding had to do some quick-maneuvering to avoid it. Yep. Saddle fell off and took me with it. I laughed, waved and ran out of the ring with her. It was laugh or cry and crying would have been even more humiliating.

Drillrider said...

CNJ: Ouch, never could ride without the "over-the-shoulder-boulder holder" firmly in place!

My name would be Nicki Crosby. Sounds like a good name for a sing-a-long special with the rest of the Crosby clan to me? I'm sure someone on here is old enough to remember those?

Most embarrassing moment was when the police showed up at my door at 6:00 AM and said they had a report of someone nude standing in the window. I had just gotten out of bed so explained that it must have been my husband (ex-husband since then, for other reasons). I had previously asked him NOT to stand in front of the window in the buff, but he swore that nobody could see him. I guess I was right and he was wrong. Of course, I knew that without the police having to show up and tell me....GAH!

backinthesaddle said...

Precious Boston wouldn't be such a bad name--

Worst Moment: Getting set to do first "run-in" when going for Rodeo Queen, had green horse and used fellas on each side of me with their horses to get mine going...we were really going well then one horse cuts in front of mine so my gal stopped--I did not! I then am zipping around in my cute black and pink digs trying to catch said green horse--she's prancing and snorting and loving it. Thankfully it is on Beta Video, probably will never be seen again.

KT said...

And my porn name -- Koko Chaucer.

Most embarrassing moment... Rented the upstairs of a house. I used to run around naked because there was no house behind us, the house next door was vacant. I ran from the shower into my bedroom to get dressed, and I hear hoots and hollers. Turns out they were finally rehabbing the vacant house, and a half dozen construction guys were on the upper-level porch and had a perfect view.

I dropped to the ground like I had been shot through the forehead. Crawled out the bedroom ....

equus said...

ring artesian, call-girl here. too funny.

does anyone else miss the comments on fhotd? i am so sad that they have been closed down. it was a great way to 'meet' my cyber-horse buddies. i see alot of them are here already. *waving*

my most embarrasing moment is not horse-related. i was pulling my speedboat out of the water and had to crank the handle on the pulley really hard to get it the last few feet onto the trailer. i was wearing a bikini with thin straps and from the muscle power (i was in really good shape) both straps popped and my top dropped down exposing both boobages. what could i do??? drop my boat back in the water? nope, just acted like nothing was wrong and continued cranking the last few feet. then i pulled up the top and looked around. there must have been half dozen men standing around with their mouths hanging open. i just smiled and waved.

SFTS said...

A lot of us miss the FHOTD comments, equus!! A little birdie has told folks that they will come back, just be patient. :)