Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Final Farewell

Tonight we said our final farewells to Pi and Dooley.

They will always be remembered.

I was asked a few years ago if I thought that animals have a soul and does their spirit remain with us always. Well, I do believe that animals have a soul, anything that is capable of giving us so much unconditional love has to have a soul.

In 2001 I put down my dog and good friend Rounder ( so named because when he was a puppy he was rounder than he was tall). I had him cremated and I could not afford to get his ashes form the pet mortuary. That was also the year that I met CNJ and for Christmas she brought the Rounders ashes to me. All I knew was that he was home with me and that was the best Christmas present that I have ever had.

A few months later as I lay awake in bed in the early morning, I felt a dog jump on the bed and lay across my legs. Sassie Jean my other dog, was laying on the floor beside the bed. It was at the moment that I knew that Rounder was there with me.

So yes, they do have a soul and remain with us as long as we need them.

Tonight, in your comments please only leave the name or names of the animals that you want to remember.

Thank You all for your support.

Pi 1991-2009

Dooley 1984-2009


GoLightly said...

Thanks, Fig, I teared up when I saw your comment. Kind hearts are out there. Lord knows we need more of you.

To Mike, Brown Derby, Grey Squire, Allaflame, Hai Mirath, Gaydonna, Siraya, Baska, Carrie Nation, Musket, Whippoorwill, Concordiana, Pendle Hill, Royal Gamble, Superstition, Crazy Diamond, Commander Joe, Sir Walter, Shadrack, Stormy. Spider. Atlantic Pasha, so many horses, so many, through the years, my school boys, omg...
Beaujangles, Chinook, Raindance, Leo Bear, Johnny Be Good, Spartacus..
Nonchalant, Lucky Miss.
My Tad Plaid.
So many, so many.

Simon, Jethro, Panther Devil, sister's myriad cats, my Pooh Bear.

My old red dog. I can't type her name yet, and it's coming up on five years since she passed away in my arms..
So many that we love. We love them so well. That people can't be kind, tears my heart to pieces, most days. Not all. I read here and on my friends blogs, and feel the kind hearts, maybe one day the beating can synchronize..

I must paraphrase Paddy.
Look up tonight at the stars. One is your animal, twinkling back at your kind spirit. Waiting for your sparkle, to join them one day.

Without people like y'all, I would have given up, so long ago.

"Oh, of your goodness, give me a gentle death".

To JR & CNJ.
Thank you for being there.

RIP, Pi and Dooley.

flying fig said...

Just somef more recent ones....

Tagalong... Smooth Fox Terrier.
January 19, 1993... disappeared October 28, 2001.

She was probably holed up somewhere... hurt, cold, scared...waiting for me to come and rescue her - and I failed her. I am so sorry, Tag. I failed to find you - and I let you down.

A Labrador in a terrier skin.

Folli ...Borzoi
September 21, 1996 - September 11, 2004

A truly gentle soul. The dog of my dreams that I had wanted since I was little. And the scourge of coyotes up and down the valley...

Jessie... mini mare
1993 - January 6, 2009

When I came here you were wild and trusted no one. The mini mare that even the vet was leary of. The little mare no one could deal with. Back then you dragged a lead shank off a halter so you could be caught - maybe. But your eyes said "frightened" to me, not "crazy"... it took a while but at the end you let me and only me be close. You were not the fanciest horse here - but you were my favourite - who knew a mini could grab my heart that way? And at the end I held your head as you thrashed and told you it would be okay... knowing it wouldn't. At least whatever took you so suddenly... did so quickly. Now you can finally find some peace.

Daretobeastar - Star ...TB gelding
April 1983 - May 2007

He helped so many discover the joys of riding... he gave them ability beyond their disabilities.... and that was in his third career.

...and he loved Starlight mints...

Leslie MacDonald said...

In memory of my beloved Piney Bo, 1973-2009. Best horse ever. Your post just brought me to tears.

horspoor said...

Oh painful.

Whisky my first dog.
Priscilla calico cat of my moms
Charlie Carmelcorn, my first Cat
Mr. Cat. Black cat of my mother's
Tigger brother's first cat
Sundown first pony
Cherokee second larger pony
Jurheil first Arab
Frisco best dog ever
Tucker maybe also best dog ever
Mandy cat
Astor mom's Dal
Simon kitty
Mac McGee

Okay, gotta stop. Can't take anymore. Each of them has great stories and memories attached. Bittersweet to remember them.

Padraigin_WA said...
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joanna said...
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joanna said...

For Daisy, Terry, King, Murphy, Tavi, Mishka, Dundee, Smudge, Jack, Gordita, unhappy Happy, most beloved Rikki Tikki, Lacey, Sidney Vicious (because she was), Dozer, Risky (you were an amazing horse with so much talent that put up with so much crap), Negrito, Marezi (I miss you so much it hurts), Maddie, and Flyer.

Flyer, I think Cinnamon will be with you shortly to harass you and pull you along by your tail once more. Take care of her for us, please?

I had started a blog sometime ago, to write about all the amazing animals our family had been blessed with. Please, everyone, feel free to post fond memories of your pets and horses. The name is "Remembering Daisy", it's on my personal info page. I'd like to compile stories into a book some day.

joanna said...

How could I forget Tigger the giant cat with the Mike Tyson meow and Fruity the fruitcake eating cat? Brothers who took care of each other, no matter what.

Padraigin_WA said...

Remembering Maggie who left us in May.
Also Woody, Pepper, Tammy, Bally Bay, Sandpiper, Smitty, Skeet, Elsa, Ranger, Dory, Tatum, Jazz, Kirby, Lady, Greta, Sam, Sadie, Luke, Brandy, Rocky, Pockets, Prince, Rocky, Ecco, Just a Smile, Lady, Agatha, Bingo, Homer, Little Bit, the unnamed chestnut gelding, Bunky, Sugar, Tag, Tab, Smoky, the other Smoky, Stormy, Star,Buttons, Tony, Scout, Penny, Ike, Rudy, Betsy.
All good horses, dogs, and a few cats.
They stay awhile, then leave us too soon.

HorseNoob said...

To Seven, the feistiest calico cat that lived 18 years to die on my brother's 21st birthday party. She was his childhood.

To Rusty, her son, who after wandering away to find a new home, would come back to visit her every summer for a week.

To Alley Cat, Gerb, Stripe, Kwitty, and Hazel. Weird cats, all.

To Abby the black lab who let me pin barettes in her ear when I was 3, Moola the Lhasa Apso who smiled at me wherever, and Hell-mutt, the chocolate lab who loved to wrestle.

To Sunny Bunny (rabbit), Princess Furball, Ghandi, Squirrel (hamsters), Henry and Dinky, Hanna, Cheyenne and Plucky (chickens)

To our sweet Cockatiels, Lucas and Buddy. We did our best for you, because you did your best for us.

And to all (hundreds, unfortunately) the sweet horses I met at auction who I knew to be doomed: I patted your noses, I slipped you a potato chip, I stared at my bank account. I had no better offer for you, though no doubt you had all deserved a fairer end. Your sad faces haunt me, and I am trying.

rosesr4evr said...

First, let me say how sorry I am for your family's sorrow. I guess I have been lucky as I don't have very many, as yet, to put in memory of. I'm sure that will change in the future with an aging dog, a postively ancient cat, and a horse getting long in the tooth. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

To Patches-the best little mongrel POA any kid could ask for, even though he was evil to anyone else. I wish I could've found you after Mom sold you. I tried many, many times to no avail. It broke my heart.

To Jessica Rabbit II-dalmation with an appetite for roasts that Mommy left on the counter to thaw.

To Timber-Awesome Alaskan Malamute. You were a good dog even if you did hate cats.

Sheba-Doberman Oh man what a dog! You were definitely royalty.

To all the farm kitties I've loved before.

JediMom said...

Oh I am sorry for your loss.

To my first dog Puffin, you put up with so much.
To the dogs: Siggy, Jack, Scamper, Maggie, DAWG, FurBear, Coyote, Buddy, Francis, and Black Velvet.
Sunshine the Cockatiel
Rat the Rat
To the cats: Bright Eyes, Tangles, and Bud.
To SunStar my first horse - you taught me a lot.
To the horses: Bucky, Maddie, Molly, and Carmel.
You have all taught me through the years, as you are teaching my children now, the compassion and responsibility of loving and losing an animal.
I miss you all and you are all remembered with funny stories and wishes that you were still here.

JediMom said...

Oh and how could I forget The Colonel our Rooster who lived to chase the horses and Henny Penny the only chicken who we could catch hold and who rode to work with the hubs. We still laugh about you both.

InTheBridle said...

RIP- all of the good ones gone from this life.

Bobbi, Chappie, Smokey, R.C., and many others.

fernvalley01 said...

Togy ,Chile ,Sunshine, Joey, Tucker,little Joe, Mittens ,Peppy,Lace, Sport,Bear, Catana,Lucky,Bingo ,Rowdy ,Rocket, Judge,So many more , but my heart is too full right now. Bless them all, and may we all see them again over the Rainbow bridge in good time. And Oh we will laugh and run free with,them and the hearts of children again.

snowponies said...

Sorry that you have arrived at this sad day.
To all of you who have made life so rich, made me smile, kept me sane. Too many to list. I miss you guys - always will.
JR, loved what you said about them staying with us. So true.

PrairieFarmer said...

To all the dairy calves who I raised, sold to the local dairy and eventually went to become hamburger (I know, horrible, but seriously, there is NO RETIREMENT for a past-their-prime milk cow!)-
Sweet, mellow Lily, the prize-winning princess Jasmine, Rosette - the evil kicking calf who bellowed like an elephant and was my best showmanship cow, Cashmere - the jersey calf who played dead, Amber - the jersey calf who ate all my ribbons...
To the dogs - Maxwell, the most uncoordinated, slobbery beagle-basset cross, Pepper - abandoned and abused, but found a home on our farm, Poochie - my brother's silly tire-popping blue heeler.
So many cats - Kitty the cat, Fraser the cat who disappeared, Amos and Andy, the two silly brothers...
The horses - Nugget, my first pony, Thunder, my 2nd pony that I thought was albino but I now know was "cremello!" (how cool!), and the great, great Dago Red. My favorite all-time horse. Last of my grandfather's herd. Taught me so much. Lived out the last few years of his very long life in true pasture retirement on the same farm he was born. Died one day in the field. Wouldn't let anybody get near him for the last few years - he was done with people, but enough life to gallop away when the vet came over for a check up!

OrangeElmo said...

I'm so sorry you lost your dear Pi and Dooley. RIP Thanks for having the courage to end their pain. It's so hard to put them down, and it's SO the right thing to do.

phaedra96 said...

To Holly the Collie, Dusty, Reba and her unborn foal, Rudy the grand old man, Rygga who gave so much, Becca who was ruined by age six by heaves, Rikki, Toric, Lad, Wagner, Bonnie who deserved far more than she had, and all those who left who I do not know where they are and how they fare.

windingwinds said...

To Nikki and her stillborn filly, Odessa. 1992-2003. To Crystal Moon, 24 yrs young, 2004. Princess barely gotten to know ya then you were gone, 2003. Hercules, Henry and Baron family dogs over the years.

littledog said...

So sorry about Dooley and Pi. You gave them great lives, they were happy, cared-for, and knew they were loved to the end. My sorrow is for you--because Dooley and Pi are now frolicking in greener pastures with Kleiner, Kitty, Pete, Cubby, Tinny, Sparky, Simba, Molly, Buckwheat, Fatima, Tabitha, Blackie, Thomas, Simon.
Love and peace to you, and to all our old friends, who I will know again someday in the next world.

mollyfc said...


LuvMyTBs said...

Of course they have souls and they leave their love and devotion for us in our hearts and memories when they go.

I don't know if I can even list the names of mine as I am already sitting here crying.

The horses: Camlach,Daimeon,Bermuda Sands,Becky Ben,Foolish Heart,Solo Point,Audrey,Fourth Request and the little foal Dudley. It was a priveledge to be owned by all of you. You gave me your all.

The dogs: Muggsie and Smokey,Dawn,Jamie,Remsen,Lyric,Duke,CaseyJade,PacMan,Wheaty,Maxx,Gunnar and Jake.

The Cats: Aurora,Chutzpah,Blue,Big Kitty,Hobble,Little Bob,Puddin,Nalsy,Hobbsie,Blaxton and Big Fatty

and Nathan the best and sweetest pig ever.Smarter then all my dogs and a real people pig! Merlin the Macaw- My constant conversationalist for over 40 yrs.He could mimic voices and sounds and laughed.That laugh and his "what's the matter?" got me through many sad or unhappy times.
He also made the sound of water running and going down the drain. I think of him every time I turn on a faucet.

Anonymous41yroldmarriedwoman said...

Zippin Muscles --> 2004


Shadetree said...

For Max, our dauchshund-terrier mix. There were no snakes in my garden!
For Mikki I and Mikki II, my Siamese cats thru the years. Mikki I taught Max all he knew about respecting kitties.
For Cinders, my daughters Maine Coon wannabe. (Don't ever let your kitties get overweight.)
For Colleen and Dakota....
And for those still with us who will be with you someday. Luvs

Promise said...

Harley, the sweetest Rottie pup. We grew up together. 1997-2008

trailblazer said...

Childhoods friends:
dogs - Bozo the Beagle, Pepper
cats - Rascal, Nuisance, Freddy the Freeloader (we found him at the dump)
bunnies - Bun Bun, Peter
Rat - Missy (I and II)
Guinea Pig - Piggy (I know, we kids were VERY imaginative!)
ducks - Peeper and Ed.
horse - Sugar. She was my best friend for 23 years. She got me through that "teenage angst". Thank you girl, for being there. I have so many wonderful memories of just hopping on and riding anywhere with you. I'm proud to have been there when you needed me and I'm glad I was the last face you saw in this world. I look forward to seeing you again on the other side of the bridge when it is my time. Your time with me was July 16, 1974 to Feb 1, 1998. I remember both days every year. It took me forever to move on, but I believe I have your blessing with my current horse, Fancy. You would like him, Sug.

Adult friends:
dog - Harry
cats - Jarvis and Ena - brother/sister Siamese cats

I feel your pain, JR and CNJ. I am so sorry for your loss.

To our friends (thank you GoLightly)

Arab-N-OTTB said...

I know they have souls. I swear I too have been visited or they just are still around. I luckily have not had to put down any of my own horses yet but I too know the day will come.

But in Loving Memory:

Mr. Itchy, 1989/1990-2002. Our first beloved Flat Coated Retriever, and the reason we will only own that breed from now on, even with the painfully sort life expectancy (7-10 years). Only way to describe him a extremely kind gentleman. He was a lucky one made it to 12 and a half. RIP Mr. Guy you were such a kind and patient soul.

Lance aka Moose, Tank, Big Man and many other names.May 15th,1998-July 2nd,2008, Flat Coat. He is one of thoes dogs that you never forget. His personality reminded you why FCR are called the PeterPan of dogs. The stories of this dog make people think we are nuts. But at 125lbs and over 5.5 feet long he swore he was human. He told you what he wanted, let himself outside if you took to long. Had more toys and things than a 2 year old. To him a stick was the biggest log/branch he could carry. The bigger the heavier the better, right down to playing with a shot put. He loved metal, would take my bits, would chew on copper tubing, one of his favorite toys was a 5lb hand weight that he ripped the rubber coating off to get to the iron. He had the jaws of steel. RIP Big Man, we miss you so.

But must also add:

Rosie: ????-July 16, 2009. Wonderful haflinger cross pony. That gave us great memories and laughs. Owned by the barn owner where I keep my horses. Sadly had to euthanized for health reasons. RIP Rosie. You are missed.

charlienchico said...

Dogs- Queenie, Buster, Tawni
Cats- Racci, Chelsea
Ducks- Howard and several Hillarys (had him for 10 years- disappeared when we moved here)
Horses- Mariah and last winter Dusty- old ranch broke gelding-a great confidence builder- we used him for field trials- he was as close to bomb proof as is possible with a horse.

Arab-N-OTTB said...

Geeze how could I forget:

Sooty: The craziest Bantam chicken. With a crazy personality...she joke.

While below not mine I spent much time with them.

Coco: A great (solid) paint pony with extremely tall stockings and a spot that was an inch shy of calling u a paint. Who never let anything phase her. While you werent the prettiest, you threw gorgeous foals. Both with your intelligence and workability. And was always reffered to as my pony...tho I couldnt ride you personally you trusted me and me only for the first few months of their lives with both your foals and how you would go after anyone else. I was sad to hear that you had passed, but were enjoying life...apparently running around with all the other ponies and pretty much dropped from a heart attack. While it sounds bad I know it was quick. As you were seen running and within the 3 minutes it took to get to you in the pasture you were already gone. RIP.

JJ aka J bird (Jail Bird) to me: 2000-2008 Coco's first foal, that I was there to raise from the moment he was born till he was 6 years old. I will never forget that day you were a whopping 5 days old and took off running away from Coco while I was leading her, you wonder why you got the name Jail Bird with me. Weaning you was so easy. One of the most unusual but beautiful coloring, gorgeous golden bay roan paint pony with very jagged markings. It pained me to hear you were put down this past fall all because the dummies watching over all of you failed to notice you losing your sight from that blasted virus till it was too late. Even then you were extremely sane and calm there was no reason for you to be put down at a mere 8 years old. I kick myself for not offering to buy you... atleast I would know you would more than likely still be with us.

UN aka Stud: ????-Jan 2005 You by far were one of the most gorgeous ponies I had ever seen. Reminded me of an Arab with your build and head, that flowing long mane that touched your knees and a forlock that surpassed your nose. Never fathered an ugly foal. Sadly lost you to a terrible barn fire. Atleast now I know you, J, Coco, CJ, the unnamed paint filly of yours, Snickers, and Lady Marmalade are in much better pastures.

CJ:2003- Jan 2005 We lost you all too soon at a mere 2 years old from a nasty plant. Half sister to JJ and daughter of UN.

Snickers and her gorgeous paint filly: Also sadly lost in said barn fire.Jan 2005

Windy: 2002-2005. Cute, sweet pinto pony filly. Had so much potiential, sadly lost in same barn fire.

Lady Marmalade: 2002. Best foal of the 3 your dam had. But also the reason why I do not like kids around youngsters. Lets feed the baby pony a know the bright orange poisionus ones. We caught them sticking it in your pen just couldnt tell if you ate it. Which sadly was the case. Your dam was unusable for a whole year, she was near insane from losing you. RIP.

viv said...

Ashlita de PCR - Extraordinary Peruvian mare...She was quite possibly the most beautiful mare I have ever seen with a heart to match.

Ash - your last baby is a superstar, he is just like you. Everytime I kiss his nose I think of his special momma.

There are other horses that have passed on the ranch but none as special as her.

Juli said...

U-CD Shady Lady CGC-a little brown dog
Ch. Oliver-a fat hairy shih tzu
Corey, NA, NAJ, AD, CGC-the best boxer ever
Molly McBear CGC-the little red dog
Alpine-a little palomino paso fino with a big attitude
Felix-the little tabby cat
Bustopher-little tabby cat with an attitude
Tuckerbe Underfoot-little tabby supervisor kinda cat
Misty Chics Megan-best Appy in the world!
A collection of rescues, strays, and drop off's that have been humanely euthanized rather than suffer.

I miss every one....

Cut-N-Jump said...

I also wish to ad two more names to the list. Both horses I had worked with for a short while during their short time here.

Silverado- sold in one of the many big name farm sales, had to be euthanized while enroute to his new home. Such a crappy way to go for such a beautiful and truly wonderful horse.

AA Firm Resolve- when I first met you, you were so done with people and seemingly life in general. You taught me how to bring back the spark that never should have left. I will also never forget your huge sigh of relief and putting your head in my chest, while those around us misunderstood you and everything that we had shared.

And to Lou Adams, one of the greatest horsewomen I have ever met. Even though I never seen you on a horse, you could see and knew a great many things I still have yet to learn. You taught me to applaud for the horse that won, no matter who owned, trained or shown them. Applaud for the horse because that day, that horse won. I never minded being second to you. Not one bit!

SolitaireMare said...

Alta Speranze - 1976-2000 - All attitude, all class. My wicked, wonderful OTTB mare.

Monty (Solitaire) - 1995-2009 - The namesake of my blog, "A Good Horse". I know you are still with me.

SFTS said...

Reading through these comments has turned me into a mascara smeared mess. :***(

Deepest condolences to the loss of Pi and Dooley. You did the right thing, they are in a better place now. I know you know that, but I just wanted to offer a little bit more moral backup for you.

I cannot even begin to list the lives that have touched mine yet been lost, and I would be afraid of leaving names off the list, so I will just say, they know who they are, and are all GREATLY missed.

Serendipity said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your ponies, JR. It's always so hard to lose one, and it never seems fair when we have to give up two or more.

If I listed all the lives that have come and gone in this short span of mine, we'd be here all night. These are the ones that I reminisce about the most.

Tiger 1989-2002 - I still think about you all the time. I don't know if I'd have gotten into cat rescue without you.

Hastur 2007-2008 - My most precious companion, you were like my muse. You brought out the best I could create. Our time together was much too short.

Crowley 2007-2009 - I miss you, you crotchety old bastard. I still get choked up every time I hear the Ozzy song.

Willow 2001-? I hope wherever you are, you're safe and happy.

Calli 1972-2008 - The barn's gotten quieter, old girl. Almost a year and still we can't bear to fill your stall.

Zoe ?-2009 - I'm so happy we were able to give you two good months, and I'm so sorry your forever home didn't come in time.

To absent friends.

Weaseldancr said...

I want ot remember, Flicka and Hud my 2 horses and Beebee, Tiffany, Tika, Sheba, Seneca, Colby, Peewee, Cielors and Toby dogs that have passed. They will all be missed.
I have recently found Zoogen a company that does DNA bird sexing makes jewelry out of our pets ashes or blood. I now have 2 pendants from 2 of my dog sand I have to say it is very comforting to "wear" a part of them on bad days. If you want to find the company just type Zoogen into your search engine and the website will have a link to Perpetua which makes the pendants.

CaliGirl9 said...

Godspeed sweet Pi and Dooley.

To the many horses, cats and dogs that's I've loved and have gone on before me ...

My early childhood pets Whitey (tabby cat, don't ask how I came up with that name) and Shorty (little black and white dog), and Mush (calico huntress extraordinaire) and Tish, Mush's son.To my pony Dynamite, you had it worst of all because my parents were clueless how to take care of you, and a 4-year old just doesn't know any better.

To beloved cats Eddie, Banana, Lisa, George, Bear, CC, and the most special of them all, Elliott, who left me in March 2007 and took a big piece of my heart, you gave me so much more than I gave you I think ...

To dogs Bandit, Heather, Jessica and Whits—I hope you are waiting for me at the Bridge.

To horses Paint (How could your family before me lie so badly about your age, taking advantage of a horse-crazy 10-year old? You deserved a retirement home, not a kid who rode you every damn day!), Geronimo (I still wish I knew why you left, you ate breakfast before I went to school and died while I was at school. You were only 15 ...), Candy (Paint mare from hell) and her 4th foal, a tobiano colt who was partial breech [Candy was with me the longest, I learned patience from her], and Jessie, Snipper and Blackie.

All are whole at the Bridge. I'll see you all someday.

Darcy Jayne said... many animals have done me the honor of sharing their lives with me.

Lazarus, Ping Yi, Ceilidh, Maggie, Loki, Murphy, Mucklerath, Farquehart, Fleidermaus, Lilybug, Pink, McNutt, Twinkletoes, Trillium, Rose, Waffle, Klaatu, Lady, Max, Nikki, Shalimar...

Saddest of all, the stray kittens, baby birds and baby mice that came to me or my family sick and needing love, but so weak that we barely had time to learn their names before they left us.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

I'm sorry. =(

I am missing... Scruff, Monaco, Nangie, Rosie, Jet, Casper, King, Chevy, Beauty, Sunshine, Jake... always, always a special place in my heart.

Nicely dun said...

Ribbon my childhood kitten, Mr. Green&Violet&Lucy the ratties, Sullivan my beautiful percheron teacher, Tara-bear the best great dane on the planet, Boofy my very first dog in the world and TJ the goldfish.
Bless their hearts because they blessed mine.

cattypex said...



Flashy McCue

Miss Van Go



Penny Ante

Justamere Gamut

Happy Mouse (my first pet)

Catty Pex

TBDancer said...

Cats: Spanky, Spunky, Amos, Andy, Annie, Molly Jean, Fibber McGee.

Parakeet: Pet

Dogs: Taffy, Blueberry Muffin, Blossom Chiffon (my heart), Benny Duvet, Pansy Organza.

Horses: Roddy, Uncle Nestor, Card's Dee, Card's Little Evil, Card's Smardee, KayDee Lark, Darlin Duffy.

Sitting here in tears. They will always be with us, in our hearts and memories. And they are waiting for us. We will see them again.

God bless our animals.

Amused said...

Bubby...the name still brings tears to my eyes. The companion of my heart, and my soul. Her ashes rest on my bookcase, and she will be buried with me when I am gone. Rest in peace, little one. The decision to put you to sleep was made in your best interest but I live with the pain every day.

Venom said...

Endless June'94-April'08
The best damned dog who ever lived.