Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be a short post.

My mother was a school teacher. She taught elementary education.

She is honest to a fault, and put up with my crap when I was a teenager. ( that wasn't to difficult as I was a perfect angel). No matter what I did she was always behind me whether or not I made the right decisions or not. Mom always worked hard and made the sacrifices so that we always had what we needed. And she taught me more about being a parent than I realized before our twins were born.

In other words, I have a great mom!

I see those same qualities in CNJ when it comes to the twins, and our teenage daughter. She is a great mom, honest and hard working.

So to CNJ and my mom, from me and the three, we all love you both and are blessed to have you in our lives!

And to all you Mothers out there,( and I mean the real mothers and not the other type of mothers)....,.Happy Mothers Day!


fernvalley01 said...

Nice post . I bet you make your mom proud every day. ANd Happy Mothers day to CNJ as well, give my cyber neices a kiss would ya?

phaedra96 said...

That is a very nice thing to say; not only to your(long-suffering--you KNOW she is!) mother but also to your wife. Sometimes it is difficult to be wife and mother and housekeeper, etc. and to NOT lose who YOU are in the mess-uhm, mix. Blessing to you all-mother, wife and daughters.

kestrel said...

Awww! Appreciation is so appreciated. I just got a card from my kids apologizing for blowing a hole in the ceiling with a giant potato gun when they were teens...aren't the cyoooot?!

JohnieRotten said...



We just gave the twins their first book of matches today. They're having so much fun with them.

CharlesCityCat said...

AWWWW JR, you are such a good guy, wish there were more out there like you!

I really did enjoy your last post as well, very well said and oh so true!