Friday, December 18, 2009

Bah Humbug! or Should I say Bah Horsebug?

Yes it is that time of year again!

Time for us to deal with all those family issues that seem to come up this time of year. You know the ones......Uncle Bill got tanked on eggnog and french kissed Santa's elf at the mall and then hurled in Santa's work shop and Grandma got run over by a reindeer etc.

By the time it is all over, I think we all need a drink.

Came upon us so fast.

This past year has flown by!

So what are your plans for this year?

We are going to ad a training blog to the Crescent Moon Cutting Horse website and chronicle the training of our youngsters as well as our oldsters and hope that you all will join us there. We are going to start raising Angus cattle and we are working on a few other little ventures as well.

We also plan to start showing more this year.

For the first time since CNJ and I met, we are not giving each other anything that has to do with horses. Actually, for the first time we are giving each other something. Nothing much!

But there is no way that CNJ's gift last year could ever be topped. Yes I am referring to those beautiful little girls. It is amazing how babies not only change your lives, but they change your very soul.

And I want to take a moment to thank you all for reading a little Ol' Rotten blog and sharing your experiences and knowledge with us. And for those of you that read but do not always post, please let us know that you are here and where you are from. We would love to hear from you.

I know that it is still a little early ( actually June would be early), but I want to wish you all Happy Holidays.


TBDancer said...

I am a lurker, though I do post at other blogs. I'm from the High Desert (south of Barstow, CA, in an unincorporated area of the Victor Valley known as Baldy Mesa). I have an OTTB named "Huey," and he and I are learning dressage. I've been "learning dressage" since I bought him 12 years ago. Slow learner ;o)

I know what you mean about the holidays sneaking up on a person. Soon it will be January, my least favorite month, with income taxes and other unpleasantries that go right along with the crappy weather.

I love the season, though--starting with Halloween and going right through to the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

fernvalley01 said...

Thanks to you as well for having this great blog. We are all learning and sharing and it has been a blast . Merry Christmas to you and Cnj, and your beautiful family. All the best in the new Year

kestrel said...

Woohoo, have company coming over for the football game, chili and beer and party friday! Goooo Grizzlies!

Crazy3dayer said...

Houston TX..I'm so very excited b/c thru these blogs I believe Kestrel and I have made a "love connection" for a Pony Clubber. If this happens I'm hijacking someone's blog to explain how this group of bloggers..made this happen. Helped me out, a wonderful horse and a young rider with unlimited potential but limited check book..Talk about a Christmas story to warm your heart!

phaedra96 said...

I Bah, Humbug everything from Thanksgiving Day to New Year's Day. Hate all the commercialism, bad drivers, moronic radio and TV ads, blah, blah, blah. sigh. I am so happy that I found your blog, met you and CNJ, and that you calls it like it is. I am sending the best wishes for another year from lovely, soon-to-be snowy, icy, cold central Indiana. YeeeeeHawww!!!! No, I am not having fun yet.......

Cut-N-Jump said...

Aw, Come on... What about Howie? He was a Christmas present a few years ago... and has been the most wonderful doofus to have around. He's not horse related but he does have four legs, just paws instead of hooves! And the look on your face was awesome...

As I said over on the 'gloves', we really like hearing about people trying things and how well it is working for them. Kudos for your trying something you read on the net. Not everyone places faith in things online actually working.

That oldster he was refering to, in case anyone didn't know, is Patience- who I am still having a tough time coming up with a different name for...

emilia said...

Joyeuse Fetes from Quebec.
I've been reading your blog for awhile now.Informative and entertaining at the same time.
I've got 2 TBx sporthorses that I should ride more often,though I used to ride and show(locally)quite a bit way back when.
Best of luck with the Angus(they can be kinda mean and difficult or so I'm told.Used to have Herefords myself...)and BOXERS RULE!

Anonymous said...

My biggest plan for the year is to get over my anxiety, learn to go faster than a walk, and actually ride on a trail rather than in the arena!

Christmas is easy for us as our family is small (and we have not children except for the dogs, cats, and horse). My family no longer exchanges presents, instead I will be taking a donation out to TBFriends (I know some people here are not fans, but I have visited his ranch and believe he does a great job).

Merry Christmas!

WildCaballo said...

Hello! I am a semi-lurker, I lurk mostly and occasionally comment.

I'm in the PNW- The COLD part where we get snow. :-)

I don't show anymore, those days are behind me. I will however support my daughter in showing if she chooses to show.

My horses are for my enjoyment. :-)

I am seriously considering upgrading another horse. My last upgrade passed over the rainbow bridge after 12 years with us. I thought I had found my new upgrade project. The owner of the upgrade would rather starve the horse. You would think, that if you can't afford to feed your horses you would be willing to sell one. This is snow country, when you can only feed your horses every 2 to 3 days and you have someone standing their with CASH money in their hand you might want to consider selling one. I wasn't trying to steal the horse either, as a matter of fact, my good friend was getting ready to take a board to my head on the amount I offered. She was spared having to bring me to my senses by the fact the owner wouldn't sell.

Rant over!

My year was awesome. I am one lucky gal, I have a great husband and family who support my horse addiction. Of course I have slipped them the horse drug and they are all hooked too.

GoLightly said...

My name is(n't really) GoLightly, and I am a serial commenter.
Hard to believe it's been a year, huh?
Time flies at warp speed in internet land..

Merry Christmas, all the best for 2010!

from... (ominous drum roll)

CharlesCityCat said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Rotten Family (snork)!

Good luck with all of your endeavors, especially the little two-legged ones.

I plan to get some lights up so I can ride more during the week, have the lights but my electrician (brother) has had major health issues. Hopefully, we can get some stuff mounted so I don't have to stuff everything in on the weekends which hasn't worked out well at all.

CNJ, thank you for your words about my baby paca. It meant alot.

JohnieRotten said...

Welcome Emilia. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sonmetimes the best thing to do to get over your anxiety, is to us do the what is causing you the anxiety. It is amazing how our own minds can cause us such consternation.

I have to admit that I still get a little nervous about the show ring. All these thoughts go through my head like What if I am not as good as the others that I am showing against? ETC. Truth is it does not matter, they have some of the same anxieties as well and deal with them in a different way. If I did not have those anxieties, then I guess I would not work as hard as I do to improve and I certainly would not have any fun. The reality of it is, if I always thought about what I was doing on a horse after all of my injuries from them, I would never have gotten back on.

So maybe you should just ask for the trot and then when you are ready ask for the canter. Or you can be like those babies of ours and go forward with reckless abandon and just do it!

Crazy3dayer said...

NHM:Don't push it! If I can canter you can trot! You go girl and remember once it stops being need to get off!

Keep us posted...Sun finally out in TEXAS and I'm at work..Pissed off all to hell...who dares to poke this angry bear???? Yeah right! sigh..

Oh I need a decent priced shipper for a horse..anyone? Bueller?

I'm a bahhumbug big time but baking for all my bloggers! So I decided to go all out..Getting the tree tomorrow.

GoLightly said...


three for three!

Fist PUMP!

These Blogz are SAFE!

Dena said...

Wow...this is pretty cool. And new faces!
NHM you silly. It is your money. And may I suggest alcohol in lieu of Ativan? Kind of just

I may have mentioned our difficulty getting Evil Knievel Jr, as long as, it has a motor or wheels, to engage with his pony.
Well I am stacking the deck this year.

The deal was if he rode this summer and it wasn't his thing we would sell his collection and put the money towards something that does set him on fire.

He has a select show saddle made by the Billy Cook saddle makers.
13" and tons of silver. Medium finish. Matching bridle with a German silver show bit.
A lot of show clothing and some bad ass chinks and a rope.
He currently owns Reyna the wonder pony who is gorgeous and does jump beautifully.
And Copper the double Mighty Tim bred filly.

For Christmas this year we got him a very nice 12" game saddle. Again with the silver.
A breast collar and a really cool game bridle.
As, I recall, he also has a wool pad by Cowboy Collection(browns, cream, and black, with black rough out burners), a wool working pad, and a circle Y game pad.

I am including a letter from Santa letting him know that this is a magical saddle made specially for him.

And if that does not work? All of the above will be available for purchase come September.

Along with some sheets and hoods, turnout rugs, and winter blankets and hoods.

Did I mention, that all of the above is relatively new with very little wear? Including his pony and horse.*sigh*

There may also be a couple more saddles by the time I throw in the

Yeah...this was not a brag moment. I am very afraid it was a sales solicitation.

It has been one hell of a year hasn't it?
And one I am not so sad to put behind me.

But the new one promises to be so much better.
And JR can I get in on the Spring colt training action?
I have 5 to start under saddle. And a couple to advance.

Best wishes to Everyone for A FABULOUS NEW YEAR!!!

WC it happens. Don't beat yourself up too bad.
You tried.

Oh Hey! The babies are beautiful...I know this because I haz pictures.
And the slippers are the bomb CnJ!

Kestrel who are the Grizzlies?

GL best wishes for the Newy Year and a very Merry Christmas.

CCC what does tomorrow afternoon look like?
It has been forever.

Jeez. this was long...

Anonymous said...

I want to thank everyone for your encouragement!

My last three lessons have actually been very nice. I'm working on really relaxing and following the movement, and as a result my boy is moving much better! Much more forward. He's a clever boy, and if mommy is too nervous and tense he just stops.

If I don't worry about when I am going to go faster, the whole ride is a lot more fun for both of us!

Something scared him yesterday, and he considered running off, but when I asked him to whoa, he did, and we both got over it. A few months ago, that would have been the end of the lesson for me!

I've actually considered having a beer or two instead of the Ativan! Maybe for the first trail ride! I take the Ativan before each lesson, because the anxiety is so freakin' random, and I really feel like I have wasted a lesson (and $40) when I am too worked up to learn anything!

BuckdOff said...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Best of luck with your new endeavors, JR and CNJ, hugs to the girls!

Cut-N-Jump said...

NHM- if you take a drink before a ride don't worry about being told on or judged for it by me. I did it once.

My gelding and I had a parting of ways out on the trail one night. The guy I was trying to impress was riding double with me and when Tai sped through an area laden with trash and a killer mattress on one side, Mr. I Think I Am A Trainer- BAILED. His foot caught mine and took me with him.

I took a front hoof to the ribs and a near miss of a back hoof to the head. Then had to try to find my dark bay horse in the desert at night. I had just moved him less than a month ago. It took us 3 hours to find him.

Did I mention I was to start a new job the next day? It was about a month before I considered riding him again. This was one of the many falls I had taken off him. I made myself a slushie of kool-aid, crushed ice and liquid confidence before climbing on him. I was about 22 at the time. If that's what it takes- that's what it takes.

Dena said...

NHM may I suggest blackberry brandy?
Little bottle.
Or, you could get one of those little silver flasks and carry it with you.
You could keep track by the dents how well it was working.

TBDancer I just caught that remark about learning dressage.
You will be learning until the day you die. We all are.
Even the folks we are aspiring to learn

nccatnip said...

Dena, I call dibs on the pony & stuff. Just in case. Grandson coming my way this year, already two and no pony. Grandma's a loser.

Dena said...

NCC that would be cool. There are a pair of Justin boots with very little wear too. Custom made show chaps, shits, and a belt. All never worn.
And I would never worry if Missy Reyna lived with you.


Cut-N-Jump said...

NCC- Congrats from here as well.

Spell check for Dena, I'm guess you meant shiRts... I know, you're like the rest of us, we can spell, just can't type worth a damn to save ourselves.

cattypex said...

Happy Holiday(s) Of Your Choice from East Central Indiana!!

Actually I am ready for Halloween now.


NHM, hang in there! I was on Ativan to help juice up my Lortab when recovering from MAJOR surgery some years ago. Good shit! I was trying to show my stitches to strangers... fortunately my handlers prevailed.

I got my kid 5 or 6 horse books.

I am thankful for my beautiful little daughter, and my husband, who is really diggin' this horsey thing. :D We will need to find him a big kind draft cross someday.
Thankful that someone put Chip my way, and thankful that he's such a gentleman.

Here's hoping for a sound New Year!

rosesr4evr said...

I love resding everyone's stories on here.


Of course Dena can spell, but I'm pretty sure she got it right and meant shits.


You could cut that number that you have to get under saddle by one, if you would just let the pretty little Grey Ghost come and live with me. Besides, Rosie is getting lonely out here all by herself. LOL!!


When Rosie was still a wild eyed snorting mustang, I used to pack my saddle bags with a 6 pack of beer. They don't call it liquid courage for nuthin' LOL.

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! May the next year bring you blessings and tidings of great joy!