Friday, October 23, 2009

In keeping with tradition...

Since it is Friday and keeping with the old Friday blog, block party theme, and trying to keep things light and fun, how about we go with a topic that brings us each a bit of pride.

Let's talk about those moments where it all comes together and the light goes on. You and your horse NAIL it. You have been working on something, lead changes, canter departs, transitions, picking up the correct diagonal as you start into a trot, stops, spins, jumps... whatever. You try again and again to get it right. Then one day it happens. It all just clicks. Everything falls into place and taadaa! It is perfect. You and your horse are one and nothing seems to take any effort for it to just happen.

Or you are looking for a horse. A horse you can show, breed, give lessons on or just provide a happy home for. The horse may be for a client, friend, spouse or relative. You search high and low for a specific breed, color, height, build, performance record, level of training... and then you spot one. A picture you may have normally otherwise passed up, but there it is. Sometimes a horse that matches NONE of your criteria, but it just jumps out at you and you just KNOW they are going to be in your barn.

We have all been there. We have all had at least one moment like that.


Cut-N-Jump said...

Thought about a few of them.

The first time I seen Pi, the day I bought Kat, getting the call I could have Mo and bringing her home. Every moment I spent with that mare in the time she had left.

Being won over by Tess.

Standing in the turnout with Mommy & Heaven- the two big black horses I wound up with instead of he draft filly I was supposed to wait for and get. Hearing "I like tater tots!"

Seeing the picture of Solis and bringing home her and Chica. Calling Mondo's markings a week before he was born....

Hearing a trainer remark about having the best, quietest hands he had seen in a long time- and I had never had lessons at that point.

Running into "Fred" at a show and having him sink his head in my chest and sigh with hope.

Walking into the barn and calling out "Scaders" to hear his responding nickers.

So many more from horses I have lost track of over the years.

fernvalley01 said...

Well the day I bought my first horse , I went out to see this mousy brown appy mare , she seemed nice but... then as we left they turned her out and she raced us down the road along her pasture .Absolutly breathtaking!!! I was sunk!
Als o I went with a freind to look at a horse she was interested in , ansd My Dreamboat Annie walked out of the herd and ...again Sunk ! That time I bought them both and the mare Deb was looking at , produced one of the most spectacular foasl I have raised !
Dens is in love with that foal (we call her the Fat Baby)

GoLightly said...

I JUST blogged about that...

Walking on air after dismounting...
Still feeling the float.

The horse holding the bit like a precious jewel in his mouth. Swinging from behind, following my directions by thought.


kestrel said...

Wow, hard one to answer, different firsts on different days...went to look at a friend's horse, no magic, she takes me over to a Morgan farm. Skinny 3 year old with both front feet in the manger looks at me, and I fall into those eyes and never come up for air. I'm going to pick him up thinking..."I am an idiot! I don't know if his legs are crooked, hell I don't know if he has all four of them!"
Fugly horse, ewe necked, narrow chested, little, scrawny. Everybody laughed at how I'd got suckered. He grew a full hand taller, filled out, and turned into an elegant boy. 3 years later we kicked butt at a major show! Hah! He's older than dirt now, but still my best horse, just ask him and he'll tell ya.

CharlesCityCat said...

I had just been back riding for about 2 months. I was having a lesson and in walks my Pally Spunky with his owner. I took one look at his face and that was all she wrote. It was winter and he was body clipped (never a pretty thing with him), but there was something in his eye.

Favorite moment riding, class of 35 in Open Hunter 3'0". Course A was less than good, I rode like hell. My trainer threw up his hands and said, just let him go, he can do the job. I did and the course was amazing, got every spot, Spunky landed every lead. I just kept my leg on and sat back. We won and that was against a number of horses that regularly showed on the "A" circuit. But even better than that blue ribbon, was the smile I got from my trainer, and showing everyone just how special my boy is.

horsndogluvr said...

Learning to ride - the moment the canter turned from chaos to balance.

Twice, having panicked horses run by the people they knew, to stop at me and put their heads in my chest.

The mare in the breeding barn that hated people - the day when (after much effort) she looked at me coming, with her ears up, instead of pinning them & retreating into her stall, where she would gallop around biting the walls.

The look on my boss's face when I came riding into the main barn on that same mare, bareback & with a lead rope.

Multiple... Going into Lou's stall, saying, "Give us a kiss, studly" and having him carefully reach out and touch my face. (The one in my avatar.)

Hearing "Wow, how'd you get him to set his head like that," when all I'd been doing was - riding him.

Having my farrier compliment me on my horses' manners.

More in a few years, after I've gotten back in the saddle!


Dena said...

Yes...Dena loves Fat Baby. She keeps calling me to do something.
The funny thing is, I have a feeling she is a high flyer just waiting to happen. I already know she has the heart.
We shall have to see what the future holds.
GL has there ever been a great timed speed jumper with a polka dot butt?
I am unaware.