Friday, August 14, 2009

If your horse were a car!

If your horse were a car what would find of car would they be?

My red mare Johnie would be a Camaro. But not just any Camaro, a Bitchin' Camaro. Of course there are days when she is more like a train wreck.

My palomino mare Chica would be a Dodge Charger.

Solis, our bay Colonel Freckles mare would be a Bradley Fighting vehicle

Yes I do like the muscle cars. If I could I would have a few of those to drive around town instead of the truck. I would keep the truck only for horse stuff.


KB said...

My horse is just like my "car" - a 5.7 liter Jeep commander w/ 4wd, luxury appointments, but tough enough to go anywhere!

horspoor said...

Cat's a '69 Chevy SS convertible. Great lines. A classic. With plenty of get up and go, and a big motor.

Divi is an Olds '98...that somebody bored out...isn't what she appears.

Cami is Diesel Jetta. Dependable, safe, great mileage, handles well with a turbo that doesn't peel your face back.

Top is a Jag. One of the old ones that needs to be driven just so, serviced and tuned up regular, and is freaken twitchy in the turns. But when its all tuned, and going it's the only car you want to drive.

Iris is a Porsche, with the nitro boost. Don't flip that switch unless you are prepared.

Maisa...hmmm? 450 SL. Nice touring car with bottom.

ws-topdeck said...

Well, Hannah isn't mine, but I think she would be an old GTO, not the best looks, but not bad by any means, and plenty of power and speed! Though I know a few people who would say she was a jet plane XD One of her nicknames is 'Hannah Force One' ;p

fernvalley01 said...

My Johnnie horse, a SUV(escape or Jimmy)no huge but a solid dependable go anywhere kind of horse

CharlesCityCat said...

Whinnie is definitely a Porsche Boxster, small, sleek and handles extremely well.

Wizard is a Jeep CJ5. On the small side, not the best handling vehicle but can and does go anywhere and you have fun on the journey.

Spunky is a Toyota Landcruiser, comfortable, dependable, good-lookin and gets the job done.

Buck, well, he is a 1959 Cadillac. Big, heavy, comfortable and safe. You know the kind of car that when you see one, you say, damn, that is one big car.

CharlesCityCat said...

ws topdeck:

I love old GTO's especially a 1965. The ex had one that he totally restored. Damn that car had power.

Dena said...

Gato would be a Hurst Olds. 1987 model.

Lacey as roses has dubbed her would be a 1969 Road Runner.

Chubby is 1968 Barracuda.

Lizzie is a 1970 Firebird.

Eamon is Corvette Stingray.

And Em is a 1965 Pontiac GTO.

Jasmine is a like that flying tank you all came up with some time back.

Dena said...

I just read the comments and I am laughing so hard CCC.
See why I said she can live with you in the off seasons?

Cut-N-Jump said...

Well let's see here...

The pony stallion Kat would be a Dodge Dart. Little, light and screamingly fast. We had one with a 318. It Flew!

Pal the Arab stallion would be a 65-66 Ford Mustang. Not the fastback. A car that looks as 'bad' as needed and handles as well as it wants.

Pepper, the filly would be a corvette. Racy and quick with a little bit of attitude. Ask for a little and she gives you everything!

Berry is a stealth bomber. Slips in under the cover of darkness and kicks your ass before you know she's there. By the time you realize what happened, she's already three towns away.

JR says Mondo is an Olds, Delta 88. Takes a lickin' and stands his ground.

Tess would be an old Dodge Powerwagon. Not exactly pretty, but if she couldn't get around it- fuck it! We're going Over it!

Mommy mare? Well she's just one sweet ride, any way you look at it. Maybe a Bently would be a start. Something with class and uncompromising style.

CharlesCityCat said...


Stop that! You are a bery bad gurl.

Amused said...

My pasture puff would be a Yugo. Not very attractive, hard to keep running, and finding the right parts is getting expensive!

Dena said...

I oopsied on Lizzie. 1973.

CCC I am not bery bad I am bery good.
Could you imagine the looks of you showed up to the hunt on her!?!

The YUGO one made me blow snot.

CharlesCityCat said...


I am working on showing up at the hunt on Buck. Talk about an impression.


I'm with Dena, that was definitely blow snot worthy.

I lived for many years in Virginia Beach, lots of water and lots of bridges and bridge tunnels. When the winds got to be a certain speed, they used to ban vehicles. This first ones to be banned were Yugos. LOL!

GoLightly said...

GoLightly would have been a Rolls-Royce.

Just sayin'.

Big, expensive and worth every penny.


Catherine said...

Loved the Yugo post!

Mac is a Porsche 911 with a whale tail- looks great, is super fast (usually when I don't want him to be) and needs something in the ass end to keep him grounded!

trailblazer said...

My Quarter Horse, Fancy, has a nickname of "The Tank", so I guess he would have to be an Army Tank. He has a well developed chest (unlike his owner), great feet and a nice big ass (no comment). He is sure-footed on the trail and kicks it into four-wheel drive going up hill.

When we ride with friends, we usually have to trot to catch up. But when the riders out front have a wuss that won't cross a brook or walk by a tractor, guess who they call to lead the way?

JohnieRotten said...

The Yugo is a classic!

cattypex said...

My brother-in-law lived in Boulder, CO, for 8 years, and would pack his Yugo full of snowboarder buddies and head up into the mountains in the winter, no problem.

My Vandy mare had good legs, great neck, QH head, longish back... and was FAST when you let her GO. She loved to run, and beat TBs regularly when we did fun races down the lane between the pastures (about 1/8-mile). She was very responsive, a little quirky, and had two bad habits I was forced to live with, but otherwise she was good as gold, for beginners especially. She knew the difference between a newbie and an experienced rider, and took good care of kids. But if you had a good seat and hands, she would be ready to GO.

Maybe she was a Volvo P1800 like Roger Moore drove in The Saint: a lot of fun, classy lines, safe, not the fastest but still pretty quick, and for around here, different.

My first pony was a gorgeous leopard mare, built like a small horse. We always cleaned up in halter. She was way too much horse for me (my own fault, looooong story involving the weird workings of my parents' minds), but the price was right ($600) and I learned how to ride a buck... very tempermental and ALWAYS in heat. Super quick. She was a barrel pony before I got her, and went back to doing that with her new owner. Would've been fun if I'd been a better rider.....VW Scirocco.

Amused said...

LOL sorry about the Yugo making you blow snot, guys :) She is 15.2 hands of ill conformed horse, 26 years old with CHF and stifle issues (they told me she was 17 when I got her--not!), on Lasix and Vasotec daily (gets expensive!) whom I found on Craigslist for 100.00 after having 8 babies throughout her life, 200 lbs. underweight, and just a sweetheart. Her time to cross is coming soon per warnings from the vet, but she is now mine and she has the best life I can give her right now :)See what I mean about finding the right parts!?

Drillrider said...

Megan (grade appy mare) is most like a VW bug. Nothing fancy, just the basics and she won't get you there too fast, but she'll eventually get you there.

Honey (registered no spot appy mare) would be a trans am. Flashy, fast, lots of get up and go in a hurry.

Tucker (anglo/arab gelding) is a Jeep. Point him and he'll go anywhere and through anything you ask. A great trail horse!

Tess (mustang mare) is a Hummer, with the steering going out. She is built like a tank but she "may" or "may not" listen to you. We're working on her and she is improving. My husband describes her as a bulldozer, who's levers don't work good.

Drillrider said...

CNJ: Funny----Our "Tess" is the same way. Like a bull in a china closet. Woke up one day to a mangled green panel and she was the one with green paint on her legs and zero injury.

Dressager said...

I drive a Smart Car (yes, the little 2 seat European cars, I love mine, it's blue!) but Greta the grey would be more like a silver Porsche convertible! She can go fast (usually when I don't want her to) or she can just cruise. And look good either way.

CharlesCityCat said...


She is blessed that you found her.

SolitaireMare said...

Fun topic! I'll start with my previous two horses;

Alta - Had to be a shiny black Ferrari. Super fast, not easy to control without experience but if you could handle her she was the ride of your life.

Monty - my silver gray BMW. Well-built, sturdy and reliable with lots of class. Always an appropriate mount in almost any situation.

Rugby - Humvee, military issue, complete with camo PAINT job. If he can't go over it or around it, he'll go through it. I'm still learning how to drive this tank but have a feeling he'll be the best beast yet!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Amused- the Yugo comment was great and that's one lucky horse who won the good owner lotto.

Drillrider-funny thing about the horses with the same names having the same personality quirks. My Tess's brakes aren't so good or always reliable. She stops when you ask her to, but no immediate responses are to be expected.

amarygma said...

My horse is like my truck. From the mid nineties, a few rusty spots, will haul anything and anyone. Always starts right up, even in winter. Very comfy ride. Not a super fun color, but has a little bit of chrome.

charlienchico said...

My old grey mare- Flight- is a 280 Z. Zippy, cute and just fun to drive.

Romeo- the palo- just not sure yet, steady, not too fast with a mischievous side. How does that translate to car?

Drillrider said...

CNJ: Tess came with the name "Dancer", which did not fit her at all. We wanted a strong name (like her), since she is built like a TANK, thus settled on the name Tess. She is becoming quite the lover lately and hurries over for scratches, so we are thinking her bullheadedness is just an act to keep you guessing.

I do have a horse named "Honey" that I swear is a oxymoron of a name. She is sweet as pie to people, but a WITCH to other horses. However, she is the color of Honey, so the name stayed the same.

amarygma said...

Won't lie Drillrider, I probably would have changed Honey's name.

I just like naming things for more than their color. No Blackie, no Smokey, no Snowflake. My horse was named "Copper" and as you can see he's brilliantly red, but I had to rename him.

A friend advised me to change it quickly, as she got stuck with a "Cocoa" by not changing it soon enough.

I like "Honey" anyways though, so it's not that bad of one to get stuck with. :)

Drillrider said...

amarygma: The only bad part about Honey as a name is sometimes hubby and horse get mixed up as to exactly "who" I'm talking to.

I don't usually change a horse's name unless it just doesn't fit the horse. I bought a horse named "Lightening" and he was just NOT a fast horse. He originally was a package with a horse named Thunder, so that explains how he got the name.

Lightening became Tucker and fit him much better. In fact, the people I bought Tucker from had just put down a dog named Tucker and when I chose the name, they even liked the idea!!

Our first horse was named Christopher, which in hindsight I would have changed. Was "wierd" calling a horse such a name.

amarygma said...

@Drillrider: Yeah, I call my husband "honey" etc more than I say his name, so now when I say his name he thinks it sounds weird.

I renamed "Copper" to "Dante." When I had his old trainer give me a lesson on him, she kept calling him "Copper Doo" because he does give you these big round eyes. A kinda cute/dumb face, despite that he's not a dumb horse. I now tend to call him "Doopy" because when we trot along he tends to just Doot-de-doop de-doop de-doop along. In the field I tend to call "Doopity."

When I bought him (for a dollar), I wanted to give him an "official" sounding Quarter horse name, although his pedigree or lack thereof is still a mystery. So he's officially "Copper Dollar Ante." I paid with one of those new coppery dollars.

I hit the jackpot.

Drillrider said...

amarygma: I like Dante. Though Copper isn't bad.

I call Tucker "Tuck-Tuck" most of the time and "bonehead" sometimes.

Congrats on getting such a good horse for $1. I have seen some nice horses for so cheap lately. Makes me sad and also makes me wish I had more $$$ to buy them!

I have four horses and only one is registered. I'd say the FREE mustang mare we got off of Craig's List is turning out to be the best, most sound and healthy horse we have.

amarygma said...

I went to an auction last week. They had 10 dollar weanlings. Or 4 for 35. And the 10 dollar one was registered/registerable with money earning parents (cute bay, but not in my backseat).